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Posted by Beth Belk on Nov 3, 2007 4:01:00 PM

Hello! It's been a long time coming but I have joined the 21st century and started blogging. With a little bit of incentive Sony was nice enough to send me all these new gadgets for free so now I'm out and about enjoying my new found freedom and keeping it all very well documented. This is also my first GPS experience so it's nice to be able to keep track of where exactly I've been. Too bad it can't keep me from getting lost on my way home!


We've been in San Diego a year now but it seems we're away more than we're here. In the next couple of weeks, Dom and I are headed to Seattle, Napa, hopefully home (DC) and then wrapping it up with the Vegas half marathon. How did I ever have time for a job before?!?


Here's the lovely San Diego sky line from Harbor Island. The sky is still pretty hazy, don't know if that left over from the fires or just normal weather stuff. This also is part of the course for the America's Finest City half marathon. That was a brutal morning...but scenic.



Since we have the Vegas half marathon coming up, we're training this time and here is a pic to prove it. Dom and me after a few laps around Fiesta Island. I swear we were running before this. Scouts honor.



Fiesta Island is great for training. As long as you give the bikers their space. One of them plowed down a guy in my running group a few weeks ago. Ouch. It's also a great place for Stella (the best dog ever!) since there's lot of leash free space for her to frolic and practice her acrobatics...this is also a cool example of how that GPS unit is tracking where I take my pics.



And here's Stella. She's a year and four months now and very excited to have me around all day for relentless rounds of fetch. And I'm very excited to have her as an excuse to waste the hours away at the beach.



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