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Being unemployed...

Posted by Beth Belk on Nov 9, 2007 10:35:00 AM

is kind of boring! I didn't think that would be the case but I am bored, bored, bored. During the day, I get up (a little later each day), take the dog for a walk, make coffee, do the mega-sudoku in the paper, take the dog to the beach, come home, think about how I should do something productive, sit on the couch and watch the America's Next Top Model marathon instead, get a call to go meet some friends, change out of my pjs, walk to the bar, tell everyone how awesome it is to do nothing all day, wish that people could stay out later instead of having to go home because they have work the next day, come back home, wrestle with Stella, tell her I'm bored, go to bed. Oh, and we don't get mail to our apartment anymore so I don't even have mail to read. Apparently, that's illegal but our landlord doesn't want to fix the buzzer so the mailman can get into our complex. Slumlord!


Now, plenty of people have made the observation that I could use my time to look for a job or study and those are very reasonable suggestions. But it's my first week of unemployment and I'm still on the payroll so I think I deserve to be lazy for at least a week. Though I never thought I'd find myself blogging to pass the time...How about some pics? I'm sure I have some on this computer that I can attach and tell you all about...


Here's one from our girls only ski trip to Whistler last year. That's Julia, Rachel and Kate waiting for the the RAIN. It rained the entire weekend. I only know how to snow ski, not water ski so that was unfortunate. But, we persevered and still had fun. This year, we're headed to Jackson Hole (at least that's my vote!).





Here's a fun one of Luke, Dom's friend. Our soccer team makes a run for the border to celebrate the end of our season and Luke tagged along to Rosarito with us. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post pics with booze. The guidelines for blogging were mailed to me by Sony but I don't get my mail so let's just cross our fingers that they don't get mad and take away all my free schwag. Back to the pic - at the bar, these guys come around with a whistle, pour tequila down your throat and then shake you! Then you pay THEM for this unsolicited service. If you're one of the lucky ones, they even hold you up by your ankles and then shake you. Luke was not lucky that day.






Note: Binge drinking, especially with tequila, is not ok. There, that should cover my bases...





Dom wears short shorts! Here's one of the first tri of Dom's that I watched in San Diego. He won that tri...because he's always a winner to me. Awwwww





That was a nice walk down memory lane I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow so I'll have new pics with my gps stuff next week like I'm supposed to. Sorry, Sony!



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