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Posted by Beth Belk on Nov 14, 2007 4:13:00 PM

Seattle was great fun. I loved it. I had my usual plane troubles because it's never easy when I fly somewhere.


I got up at 4:45, got a cab to the airport and United was packed. I hate United! I can't believe they had a line out the door at 5 am. So I finally get to the desk (because I have a paper ticket) and they tell me that my connecting flight was cancelled and I have to go to the back of another line to rebook. In an unusual slight of luck, I ended up on a non-stop flight on Alaska Air instead.



My other standard Beth moment was when I was leaving the hotel to go home. I'd gone down to get breakfast and needed to charge the meal to the room (i.e. Dom's company).  I realized that I had no idea what room I was in and Dom had left for his meeting. I went to the front desk and told them that I had forgotten my room number but knew it was on the 6th floor.  She told me I was in Rm. 332 and the hotel only had four floors. Oops!



We were all over the place. It was some serious sightseeing. Our friends out there made excellent tour guides. Here's all the place we hit (kind of - I didn't adjust my camera for daylight savings so it didn't sync right with my GPS).



We did all the touristy stuff. Saw the space needle, went to the fish market, saw some rain and houseboats. Went to the original starbucks, first Nordstroms, drove around UDub and I drank a lot of coffee. The food was delicious too. We went to this sushi place, Umi's - amazing. Our digs were pretty sweet too. Our friends have this gorgeous house on the Sound.



On the Sony side of things, I was a bit frustrated with my schwag. A lot of my pics came out blurry - probably because I was trying to use all the features instead of the standard picture taking mode. The GPS is also really picky about finding a signal. If I'm indoors, in a car, even if it's in my pocket, it can't find a signal. We even have a pic of Dom holding it out of the window of that car so it would work.



Here are some pics from the weekend.



Playing with fish at the market...(he let me keep that fish!)



With Josh in front of the Space Needle



Mt Ranier and their stadiums



Original Starbucks



View from Josh's place in typical Seattle weather



Pictures from the plane on the way home. The first is flying past the Golden Gate bridge and the second is landing in San Diego.



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