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December 2007

Back at home

Posted by Beth Belk Dec 13, 2007

This is going to be brief. I'm back at my parents for a few days. I forgot how great it is to come back to your parents. They make you dinner, offer you breakfast, I even brought some dirty laudry back - all the way across the country!


So I was just raiding the pantry for a snack and wanted to show everyone the kind of pantry I grew up with. My dad is quite the bargain shopper so from time to time we'd have, what I consider, an excessive amount of a certain item that was on sale the last time Dad visited the grocery store. Sometimes it would work out in my favor and we'd have a two month supply of Oreos. Today, the item was not quite as "snackable."





3 people.



I know you're asking yourself how many people live in a house with 20 bottles of salad dressing in the pantry.



Love you, Dad!



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Posted by Beth Belk Dec 11, 2007


Two weekends ago we headed to Vegas for a half marathon that we had done last year too. It's a great race. Totally flat, run through chapel - oh, I got married, didn't I tell you? You can drop my gift in the mail whenevs.


You could definitely tell our posse was from SoCal. We all showed up in shorts and flip flops and froze our butts off. Did you know that in some parts of the country, the temp drops below 60. And people still live there! We're perplexed...





The half marathon went well. Dom and Katie (first two on the left) got PRs. My time wasn't super but that run through chapel was pretty congested. The wacky nurse friends on the right side of the picture not only finished 13 miles, but also in parallel finished a handle of vodka.



Other than that, it was a pretty tame weekend as weekends in Vegas go. The night before the race we took it easy and wandered around the Luxor (that's where we were staying). The Luxor kind of stinks. The day after the race, we went to watch the Redskins...which was depressing. Then we slept because we had woken up at 5 am for the race. Then we saw Mystere which is amazing! You should see it. Later that night, we were supposed to party but my legs couldn't handle the heels so I just ponied up to some nickel slots instead.



I don't know if you've had the pleasure of driving through the desert to Vegas but it's pretty entertaining. There's a lot of Ron Paul propaganda out there amongst the sand dunes. And! There's a street called Zzyxx Rd. No joke! Seriously, look at it. Where does that road go? And how do you pronounce it?!?





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Catching Up

Posted by Beth Belk Dec 11, 2007's been a while. Sorry, Sony, I have been neglecting my responsibilities but really, Dell is to blame! My parents were in town over Thanksgiving and I was on my computer uploading some pics or something and all of the sudden my computer starts making these weird staticy noises. And then the speakers got really hot. And then it started smelling like smoke. So I did this online chat deal with Dell customer care and they told me to power down my computer before I did myself harm and wait patiently while they sent a replacement. I'm not in to masochism so I abided.


Now, I have this new all black computer. It's fine. I really liked my old one. Not to mention that all my pics and music were on it and the "easy transfer" cable seems to earn it's "easy" title because it transfers like half of what's on your computer. Mainly because the misers at iTunes protect everything which is also annoying because I can't transfer music over my iPod because my iPod also has a case of the sizzles. Apparently, me and Stella's propensity to drool on electronics are not working out in my favor.


Ok, I have finally tracked down all the Sony software and loaded it onto this computer so I'm good to go. I also did some research on GMT so I think that my photos may actually be assigned to the correct time zone going forward!



So a lot has been going on in my last few weeks of unemployment. After Napa, my fam came into town for Thanksgiving which was fun. Then we went to Vegas for a half marathon. Now, I'm getting packed up to go to DC for the weekend. It will be the first time since I moved out here that I'm going for fun and not for work!



NAPA cont.



I already have a Napa post so I can keep this brief. Napa rocked. I didn't learn so much about wine as about drinking wine. But it was beautiful and the people were super friendly - not pretentious at all. It was a very good time. Here are some pics...



At the Raymond winery...





In front of the wine making statue at our resort





Me destroying Dom in bocce. And he says he's Italian...





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