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Back at home

Posted by Beth Belk on Dec 13, 2007 3:38:10 PM

This is going to be brief. I'm back at my parents for a few days. I forgot how great it is to come back to your parents. They make you dinner, offer you breakfast, I even brought some dirty laudry back - all the way across the country!


So I was just raiding the pantry for a snack and wanted to show everyone the kind of pantry I grew up with. My dad is quite the bargain shopper so from time to time we'd have, what I consider, an excessive amount of a certain item that was on sale the last time Dad visited the grocery store. Sometimes it would work out in my favor and we'd have a two month supply of Oreos. Today, the item was not quite as "snackable."





3 people.



I know you're asking yourself how many people live in a house with 20 bottles of salad dressing in the pantry.



Love you, Dad!



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