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Holidays are ovah! And so are my weekend trips...

Posted by Beth Belk on Jan 2, 2008 1:04:39 PM

We've returned the last of our friends to the airport so the '07 holiday season is officially over. And so are my travels for the time being. Time to focus on employment. Cross your fingers because I should be definitively employed (or unemployed) by the 7th. If I am unemployed, I'm going to have to lobby for some sort of compensation because four interviews and a trip to the sheriff's dept is a lot!


So, I know you're all itching for the recap of the holidays. People even requested to be on the blog again. I'm flattered! Ok, first, Christmas!


I drove out to Salt Lake City with Stella and she got to see her first snow and meet her new best friend, Pal. There was heaps and heaps of snow. This is a view from my aunt's window.




I, of course, had not brought my skis because REI has been holding them hostage. But Stella and I would play outside in the snow often so we still got to enjoy it. Stella also got to meet Pal, my aunt and uncle's Husky sled dog. They were the best of friends. Despite his advantage of 20 - 40 pounds, Stella dominated him. She's quite the diva.





We also worked on learning to catch a frisbee because tennis balls are not so easy to find in powder. Our biggest obstacle is that Stella wants to catch it with her paws instead of her mouth. I take that back. Our biggest obstacle is that I stink at throwing frisbees. Our second biggest obstacle was that the frisbee became Pal's preferred chew toy. Our third biggest obstacle was that Stella thinks she's a person.





On hour seven of my drive back from Salt Lake my car broke down somewhere in the Mojave desert in Nevada. I called to get a tow truck and everyone kept asking me the zip code of the where I broke down. Do people actually have that info handy?!? Long story short, I wait in the freezing desert for two hours and then try the car again and it's working fine. I call the guy at the dealership to let him know that I'm going to try for San Diego and just take it to a dealership when I get home. He says "that's fine but if you break down again, no one here is going to help you out." Hey, Adam at the Barstow Toyota dealership - you're a jerk!



Then I came home and all of mis amigos came into town. That was great fun! Here we all, all firmly planted in La Jolla.





We went to check out the wineries in Temecula. Below is a bunghole! Seriously! You put the bung in the bunghole. I guess Beavis & Butthead were more sophisticated than we realized.





And a pic from the ride home...The funny part is that Julia had been awake saying how crazy it was that Scott could pass out head forward. It looks so uncomfortable. Two minutes later, she passed out in the exact same fashion.





Our next super fun activity was hiking through Torrey Pines.





Rachel started to get a little tired so we had to some air guitar to perk her back up again.








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