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New Years Eve

Posted by Beth Belk on Jan 2, 2008 1:39:16 PM

We went to this bar Turquiose down the street from our place and it was so fun. We had dinner there and then came back to the house for some cocktails before the party started. We had this bottle of vodka we'd bought a few months ago but I had done self checkout so they didn't take off the safety cap. Scott studied engineering so I gave him the task of figuring out how to get the cap off.




He was hard at work for at least a half hour. A few bent screwdrivers and a power drill later, he was victorious. Notice that by this point, he even had a cheering audience in the background.





And you know what New Years means...Rachel's Birthday!





Wait, I thought he was my boyfriend...





Some other pics for my homies...







At home, giving Stella her New Years kiss





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