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We won!

Posted by Beth Belk Nov 4, 2007

Yay, Redskins! It was a pretty pathetic victory but it will do. We went to Winstons - the best Redskins bar ever. They raffle off Redskins gear after the third quarter of each game (I won a t-shirt!), give out free shots after touchdowns (that was just one today if you're counting), and, when we play the Pats, they give out free pity shots to ease the pain. If ever you're in San Diego and want to watch the game, Winstons in OB is the very best! They're even dog-friendly. Stella is more of a Chargers fan but she still has a decent time. Check it out...



And I think this is really funny. The bar is cash only so we always have to hit the ATM before we go. It's a walk/drive through ATM.





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