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Posted by Beth Belk Dec 11, 2007


Two weekends ago we headed to Vegas for a half marathon that we had done last year too. It's a great race. Totally flat, run through chapel - oh, I got married, didn't I tell you? You can drop my gift in the mail whenevs.


You could definitely tell our posse was from SoCal. We all showed up in shorts and flip flops and froze our butts off. Did you know that in some parts of the country, the temp drops below 60. And people still live there! We're perplexed...





The half marathon went well. Dom and Katie (first two on the left) got PRs. My time wasn't super but that run through chapel was pretty congested. The wacky nurse friends on the right side of the picture not only finished 13 miles, but also in parallel finished a handle of vodka.



Other than that, it was a pretty tame weekend as weekends in Vegas go. The night before the race we took it easy and wandered around the Luxor (that's where we were staying). The Luxor kind of stinks. The day after the race, we went to watch the Redskins...which was depressing. Then we slept because we had woken up at 5 am for the race. Then we saw Mystere which is amazing! You should see it. Later that night, we were supposed to party but my legs couldn't handle the heels so I just ponied up to some nickel slots instead.



I don't know if you've had the pleasure of driving through the desert to Vegas but it's pretty entertaining. There's a lot of Ron Paul propaganda out there amongst the sand dunes. And! There's a street called Zzyxx Rd. No joke! Seriously, look at it. Where does that road go? And how do you pronounce it?!?





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