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A Good Break!

Posted by Tim Van on Dec 8, 2008 7:41:54 PM

You might find it odd that the second day I write a post in a blog about training for a 24 hour treadmill run I confess that I haven't run in a week, however...


It was a good break and quite frankly I've been training a lot (I mean 70 - 100 miles per week alot) for a while now. It's not that I've sat at home warming up my couch, I just haven't run for actually six days. I've put my bike to use a fair amount, not with hard training rides but casual 10-13 mile per hour 5 to 10 mile jaunts.



As you can see in the picture, I took a minute to make sure my bike got into the Santa act this year (I know it was really disappointed last year).



Here's the really cool thing; I can tell just by the way I feel on the bike, my running is going to be a whole lot stronger than a week ago. The combination of cross-training on the bike with some just plain old fashioned recovery time has worked wonders. Sometimes we get so caught up in "The Next Workout" that we forget to give our bodies adequate time to recover. Turns out that's what I had been doing.



I know that tomorrow morning when I hop out of bed at 5am to hit the road for a run, I am going to be absolutely rejuvenated and ready for some serious training.



Remember to take time to recover!



See you soon.





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Tim Van

Tim Van

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