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November 2007


Posted by B Kieffer Nov 29, 2007

I'm back from my trip to Hawaii, and I've got tons of pics that I'll be sorting through and posting now that I've got internet access again.  The GPS unit worked like a charm with both the W80 and my 30D, so all the pics include lots of geotaggy goodness. It's convenient too, because my trip included everything from snorkeling off Maui, to enjoying a sunset from the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. Check back for lots of updates.

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Leaving for Hawaii

Posted by B Kieffer Nov 15, 2007

Ten days in paradise, and I'll be packing light. Other than a few shirts and pairs of shorts, I'm taking my W80, GPS-CS1K, and laptop. I'll be uploading lots of great pics in the next couple weeks, so check back. Aloha.

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Does it work on a Mac?

Posted by B Kieffer Nov 6, 2007

After using the Sony W80 and GPS-CS1KA for a week, I can tell you that it is very simple to use on PC. Install the software, plug in the camera and GPS unit, and you're browsing pictures and locations with minimal effort.


But a question I've heard a few times in the last couple days is, "But will it work on my Mac?"




I'm mostly a Mac guy. I keep a Windows PC around for tasks that require it, but for everyday use and working with photos, I use a mac. The GPS unit isn't officially supported for Mac, but my initial research into the issue is showing some promise. There appear to be some very solid tools readily available for the task. 




Over the next few weeks I plan to explore this in more detail, and share a simple workflow for the Mac that works as well as what Sony has already developed for the PC.




Stay tuned.



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Just Married!

Posted by B Kieffer Nov 4, 2007

An exeptionally beautiful November day for an extraordinarily gorgeous bride. All the months of planning were well worth it, and everything came together perfectly. I'm overwhelmed by all of the family and friends that made our day what it was. Then we capped off the weekend with the Beatles Brunch at Dick's Last Resort. Good times. 


I also took along the W80 and GPS-CS1KA to get some snapshots of the occasion. We had two hired photographers, as well as countless family and friends taking pictures, so I didn't get a chance to take many shots. But the W80 easily fit in my jacket pocket, so it was convenient for capturing a few quick snapshots when nobody was looking I was surprised by how quickly the camera powers up and takes shots. The GPS unit came along too, but stayed on the trolley as we drove around the city. Basically, I just turned it on as we headed to the church, and forgot about it.  When I get the disk of pictures back from the photographer, I'll see if I can match up the locations on the GPS. 



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B Kieffer

B Kieffer

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I've got quite an active fall/winter lined up. Getting married. Going on a couple of trips. Looking forward to testing out Sony's new photo products, including the new GPS unit. No more scouting online maps trying to figure out where I took pictures!

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