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December 2007

My Workflow on Mac

Posted by B Kieffer Dec 22, 2007


In my previous post I suggest my two favorite programs for tagging your photos with GPS data and converting the GPS-CS1K .log files for use with other tools. But how do I put it all together?




Here is my workflow when working with photos I want to tag with GPS data.




Step 1) Transfer .log files from GPS-CS1K to a folder on Mac. I have a subfolder in Pictures for storing these. The nice thing is that OS X simply mounts the GPS-CS1K as a removable hard drive. It's as easy as dragging and dropping the files.




Step 2) Transfer picture files from camera, and archive a set of backups. If you're shooting RAW, you'll need to do your conversion now as well. Don't import the photos into iPhoto, Aperture, or Lightroom yet. If you've got your photo program to start up automatically when a camera is connected, you may want to disable it. It's best to do this anyway.




Step 3) Open GPSPhotoLinker and select "Load Tracks." This will open a finder window for you to navigate to the folder in which you stored your GPS .log files. Shift select them all and click open. The program will automatically select the correct data from the correct file for each picture. Next, select "Load Photos" and navigate to the folder in which you stored your working JPEG files.




Step 4) Select photos to which you would like to add GPS data. You select just a few, or do them all in bulk.




Step 5) Import images into your favorite image management tool.




Now you're all set with geotagged images for use with Google Earth, Flickr, Picasa or any other websites that support standard Geo tags in EXIF data.




Note: If you're using Flickr like I do, make sure you enable the option to import EXIF location data on this page:




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Software for Mac

Posted by B Kieffer Dec 22, 2007

Awhile back I posted that I was going to figure out how well the Sony GPS-CS1K works with Mac computers.  After working with the GPS unit for awhile, I'm happy to say the answer is "really well."


There are several freely available software programs you'll need in order to get the job done, but they're just as easy to use as Sony's official software for the PC.




GPSPhotoLinker  - This program is the best I found for writing Geo tags to the EXIF data of my photos. It's as simple as selecting, and clicking a button. You can determine whether you want to use point before, point after, or average. This is necessary because the GPS unit doesn't necessarily capture GPS data at the exact moment you take your picture, so it has to make a software guess.




HoudahGPS - This program will help you convert the Sony GPS .log files to other formats for use in a wide range of tools. This is useful if you want to upload your GPS points to Google Earth, Google Maps and other websites or utilities.




Basically those two software programs are all you'll need to get started.



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Maui Snorkling Trip

Posted by B Kieffer Dec 4, 2007

One of the most exciting parts of my time on the island of Maui was

a snorkling trip to Molokini Crater. Below is the  track that my Sony

GPS unit captured of the trip.



The water at Molokini Crater is some of the clearest found in the world

and is great for snorkling, but the real treat on this trip happened as

part of the boat trip to Lanai. Due to rough waters we were forced to

divert our trip from Lanai to an alternate location on Maui. On the

way, we spotted two young humpback whales. If you look at the map

above, I've noted the location of the whale spotting.



Further along on the trip, we were greeted by a bottlenose dolphin that surfed the bow wave of our boat for a little while.



In addition to the pic above, I was able to capture a little bit of video.



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