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Day 1... and so it begins.

Posted by Codys Dad May 30, 2009

Well actually, I've been running for the past 2-3 months or so, but it's only been a base of about 10 miles a week. Some more, some less.


This entire time, I kept thinking, it's just too hot and humid in San Antonio, but then I finally said, who cares. I remember running around in a sweat jacket thinking I was burning more calories back 10 years ago, so hey, this is free! I completed two 1/2 marathons last year. Funny enough, the 2nd one I did (which was the inaugural SA Rock n' Roll) I hadn't trained since I move from California in Sept. However, I had a faster time by a few seconds! Now granted, I didn't stop to take pictures of Mickey Mouse and a few other characters, but still... I hadn't even trained.


So that got me thinking. I've completed 1/2 marathons... been there, done that. Love them, because I can still walk the next day. But anyone who knows me, knows I'm also a little competitive. If not with anyone else, then with myself. The mental block I also had here was the running group. I LOVED the L.A. Legger running group. They did time interval training (Run 6 min., walk 1 min) and I ran injury free. Out here, it seems as if nobody has read the Jeff Galloway method of training, because none of the running groups do that. Well, Mind block overcome. Today, I started with the Run Gear Run training group - USA Fit San Antonio. A ton of people so I know to get there earlier next time because parking was a little challenging.



But with all of these people, we break out into our pace groups. Cool! I like it so far. They seem organized... cool! We all get to the starting point for our kick-off run, and it's "ok go!". And that was the last I really saw of a "group effort". Everyone had a different pace within the group, nobody was organized to do timed intervals, and there I ran... alone for most of the run except for one guy, Jeremy, who was just getting back into running. I said, "Hey, if you are interested in intervals, let me know next time". Long shot, but whatever. So I emailed the "coaches" of the group, asking if they knew or heard of anyone else in our cool Orange group, if they knew anyone else that would like to do the timed intervals. I guess as the weeks go on, and people drop off... because they will... I'll just start promoting it myself.



I have my Garmin 405, and my iPod with the Nike+ programmed and ready to go. I even updated my playlist tonight to give me some fresh tunes when running. I promise the next blogs won't be this long, but I had to set the stage for what is to come. I've never been a "runner". Sure, athletic, but gained a few pounds over the past few years, moved, changed jobs, have a 2 year old now... Sound like excuses? Well, they are. But I'm working on NO EXCUSES. This is for me, my wife, and my son. Plus, I've made a deal with myself. I've never had a tattoo, but always wanted one. SO, when I finish my first marathon, I'm getting a tatoo. Something small and something to do with 26.2. Don't have a design yet, but I have some time! If I was doing the Vegas RnR, it would be easy to stop in during the race and get one for that matter... but I'm in San Antonio. Not going to happen.



Felt pretty good today coming off of the run. It was only 3 miles, and we've done two 5k races in the past few weeks, so no biggie. My Achilles tendon (left foot) was tender again after the last race. It happened after the SA 1/2 marathon too, but seriously, only after 3.1 miles? So I iced it today.



Ok, that will sum up my first, of hopefully many blogs through this process! As if I don't have so many other social media sites to manage because of my job... why not add one more personal one!



Here's to a season of happy, and healthy running!






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The Training Begins... part 2. This is the blog update for my first official marathon training. November 15th, San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon!

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