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Function Prediction of iPad2

Posted by lanyou1980 Jan 16, 2011

iPad2 may be announced in the coming weeks. What happens then? Consumers  and business customers will be interested to see whether he has any new  and improved equipment. Of course, Apple will try to find the product  information will be released very difficult. Apple is very good at how  to keep secrets, and know how to provide the function of many consumers  are looking for. It knows how to balance the provision of adequate  function, and to provide just enough functionality to satisfy the  customer. This is an interesting concept, and it has worked well.  However, this does not prevent users want their beloved iPad tablet has  more features.

Apple's upcoming Tablet PC should provide the functionality has been ranked a long list. Some are all key concerns.



Look at Apple in the coming weeks or months to bring the ipad 2 should have those functions:

1. The real integration of Verizon's (the possibility ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆, but no relationship with Heavenly)

Apple iPad MiFi 2200 users can connect to Verizon's hot spots to  help the network. Although very good, but far less than the experience  with the 3G iPad directly connected to the AT & T's network and  services. Recognizing this, if you can iPad directly connected to the  next version of Verizon's 3G will be very good. Apple should also  maintain the existing and the AT & T's 3G partnership.

2. Video conferencing (the possibility ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)

Tablet PC as part of the value is the ability to use a laptop in the  same way. Today video conferencing is a key component of notebook  computers. This is why Apple ipad2 should add a camera before. It will  enable users to communicate more effectively with others. The device may  help attract more corporate customers.

3. Stills and video recording (the possibility ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)

IPad original one major omission is still unable to capture stills  or recording video. In ipad2, the function should be provided. Over the  next few similar equipment has been provided to the features, including  Motorola, Xoom, customers called Tablet PC should have more value.

4. Retinal Display (possibility ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)

iPhone4 one of the best improvements is its screen, the retina  display. Screen than almost any other monitor on the market to provide a  higher quality. IPad2 it can play a central role in the success. Only  Apple confirmed, retinal display will be available to iPad2, but so far,  Apple's program did not mention this.

5.Verizon of 4G connectivity (likely ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆, heavenly no 4G)

As mentioned above, is likely to Pad2 may provide 3G connectivity.  But there is still much potential in the Tablet PC to access Verizon's  4G network. Verizon's 4G LTE network access for 110 million Americans,  many of whom would certainly like to use ipad2 registry network. Apple  is a successful investment in the latest and the best technology  company, and Verizon's 4G network is the kind of technology.

6. A larger display (the possibility ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆)

Some people want Apple offers a smaller screen. But as early as  Steve Jobs earnings call last year that he did not see a value of 7-inch  screen. Recognizing this, Apple is more likely to launch a larger  screen iPad. I am sure you will be very happy to see this. This will  improve the device's user experience, which will provide better  entertainment experience to counter the upcoming 10.1-inch Acer Tablet  PC.

7. Slim design (the possibility ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆)

Ipad already quite thin now, but Apple should make it thinner. Part  of the value tablet is capable of carrying without having to worry about  their weight, or put somewhere. ipad2 should be more concerned about  this, and with a thin design. It may help to consolidate the status of  devices in the enterprise.

8.USB connection (likely ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆)

iPad one of the biggest problems is that it lacks a USB port.  Because of this, users want to plug a USB product to Tablet PC, you will  need a separate annex. This is unfortunate. If Apple want to make the  tablet as a lightweight alternative to notebook computers, the company  must provide a USB port on the device.

9. Better printer support (possibility ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆)

Currently Apple iPad users to print the company's AirPrint  equipment, the only problem is that very few printers support this  option. Of course, better printer support is necessary. This may be  about to release an important part of iPad2.

10. More storage (★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆)

Currently, Apple iPad provides up to 64GB of storage. The next  version of the iPad, you'll be glad to see that doubled the size of  available storage space, and they range from 32GB to the 128GB. IPAD is  designed as a laptop alternative, only Apple offers ample storage space  to handle consumers want added to the Tablet PC all the data, which will  occur. Offers The Best Items on Air Conditioner, Discount  Electronics, Laptop & Accessories, Apple Accessories, Computer &  Networking, Toys & Hobbies & Watches, Cell Phones &  Accessories and More Best Customer Service.

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In the present laptop accessories market, it appears increasingly disorder, especially in laptop batteries. There are so many batteries that are counterfeited, old cells renovated and not factory-addressed. Thus quality warranty turns to pieces of paper. How to choose a laptop battery and protect your interest as a customer? In this article, it is providing you some operative solutions to your potential problems about laptop battery.

There are three kinds of laptop batteries that have quality warranty for three months, six months or a year. What's the difference between them? First of all, batteries with one year warranty are made from top quality material that still holds adequate experience on battery research and development, strict quality control and complete manufacturing procedures. Second of all, for batteries with three months warranty, almost all the manufactured, factory address and sales contact are not seen anywhere on the battery body.


Why in the world are there so many cheap 'original' batteries on sale? Where are they exactly from?

Generally speaking, an original laptop battery would take you $100-150 and only go to the franchised after-service point can you purchase an original one which is due to arrive in 7-15 days.

It has two resources for original laptop batteries. One is the original manufacturer whose defective products are released out and turn to be 'original', but these only takes up 5% of the totals. The other one is the previous storage when the mainframes leave for the market. That means the 'original' battery you bought from the market is an old one which is store in warehouse for at least one year. What is more, once the mainframes of the laptop discontinue producing, you have nowhere to buy an 'original' battery at all.
Laptop batteries sold at a pretty low price with warranty of three or six months are all faked one without a single exception. What they have in the battery is just a battery label saying 'ORIGINAL'. They are all made of recycled old battery cells with inconsistent performance and short service time which would probably damage your mainframe. Your after-sale service from such a battery that hasn't warranty invoice, product barcode, manufacturer is hard to rely on.


Is it possible for an unperformed battery to replace its cells?

The answer is negative. Two reasons. One is because the voltage of a laptop battery is composed by series and parallel of cells. Specifications for cells are strictly controlled; otherwise there will be huge variation for cells, thus it will perform to be uncharged or fully discharged during the process of charging and discharging the battery which in the fact is overdue charging or discharging. As a result, the cell series are unable to perform normal. Cells that hold major verified specifications may cause electricity leaking and even implosion after its overdue charging or discharging. It takes a fortune for manufactures to purchase equipment for the testing and conjunction of battery cells.

How long will I get an order for original battery?

Commonly it takes two or three days to arrive domestically. As laptop battery is a kind of consumable, long term storage will affect its performance which is not wise for keeping the battery's freshness. For a qualified manufacturer, it also takes at least 7 hours to do the aging testing and calibrate each specification to stabilize its performance. cooperates with qualified logistic company and ensures each item to arrive safe and sound.

What if the battery fails to work?

Batteries on are all 100 percent new that are made from first class material with perfect procedures. There is no way will we sell old or recycled laptop batteries.

Does the battery purchased from works as long as an original one?

For a Lithium battery, its service life should be 300-500 times of full charging and discharging. Only if your laptop battery is top-quality-made, the life time should last for one and a half to two years. Batteries on own original cells and protection boards with top quality. It has adequate experience on making laptop batteries that ensures stable performance and safe using of battery. All specifications have matched up with those of an original one.

What are the advantages for batteries on

It is no doubt that for a customer their major concern fixes on product quality, price and the after-sale service. And batteries on are all made from top quality cells with a complete producing and monitoring equipment. The strict quality control and mature manufacturing procedures guarantee top class products on You will get a good comparison on before making your final decision.


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About the Author Offers Popular Online Electronics and PC Accessories Such as Laptop Batteries, AC Adapters, External Laptop Charger, Laptop Keyboard - Laptop Accessory, Charger and Rechargeable Battery for Camcorder, PDA and Digital Camera. Also, this store offers Great Computer Accessories, Other Electronics Gadgets, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners and Personal Health Care Products.

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To  most of people, 1 cent is unworthy of being mentioned, for it is quite a  small sum that could not even afford a piece of newspaper, an apple, an  egg. But friends, would you like pay attention to this small sum?  Because each cent is the return of our hard work that should not be  wasted. If we make good use of 1 cent, we will surprisingly find that it  can help us a lot and bring us great surprise and happiness.



Mere words is always without factual basis, and there is hard  evidence for it. Please have a glance over this website. Wow, there are  remarkable variety of products that cost only 1 cent. Amazing? The  variety of products dazzle our eyes. Take it easy! let's take a look at  this items one by one with patience, with the strong believe that there  should be one or two items or may be more items that interest us and  worth our 1 cent.


Let's view the website from top to bottom. On the top, there  are mini toys with different shape like cockroaches, grasshopper, car.  Many children are in great favor of these mini toys! If there is kid in  your family, he would be happy to receive one of such gift. Come next  are USB chargers. Please don't worry about the quality, these USB  chargers have been tested and could work pretty well. And here are the  single-side earphone headsets, they are lightweight and comfortable. Oh,  here are the wrist strap watch bands, they look extremely great when go  with the iphone. You may looking for a lovely cover skin for your  iphone? There are cover skin here in many types for your choose. See,  there are the romantic red beans. According to Chinese old tradition,  the red beans represent forever love and everlasting friendship. 1 cent  for a bag, we will never regret of buying one. Also, there are some  other electronic products such as plug cable for iphone, key toll,  monitor adapter, switch, laptop accessories

and so on.


Great gains? The real surprise? Yes, little pains, great  gains. And no doubt that 1 cent is valuable and can be a big surprise!  Many people have got benefit from it, Why don't we just take action now!    Do you want to see more branded laptop batteries

, if so, you can find from

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About The Author: Offers Popular Online Electronics and PC Accessories Such as Laptop Batteries, AC Adapters, External  Laptop Charger, Laptop Keyboard - Laptop Accessory, Charger and  Rechargeable Battery for Camcorder, PDA and Digital Camera. Also, this  store offers Great Computer Accessories, Other Electronics Gadgets, Home  Appliances, Air Conditioners, china wholesale electronics and Personal Health Care
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Cellphone-China always brings many surprises to customers. This time, Cellphone-China publishes one type of new Lenovo LePhone.

This is really a delicate phone with some unexpected surprises. It believes this phone will attract you. Its success is its details; there is no any button on its face at all. Moreover, its crescent speaker shows its excellence. It adopts magnet data cable interface.

Now, let’s experience the wonderful features of this great phone in detail.

1. Creative face

Under the screen, the LePhone has no physical button at all; there is a touch area instead of the press keys. Moreover, the touch area is not like the induction type button of Milestone, it is finished by hand gesture operation. For instance, slide to lift stands for Return, slide to right shows you program manager, up brings you menu, double click return to the main interface. It is really funny. Simultaneously, it breaks the Android traditional fixed button mode.

2. Support both GSM and WCDMA

Actually, at present, there is few China phones can support both GSM and WCDMA; most phones can just support GSM. But this phone can support GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) and WCDMA / HSPA (850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz). Unlike other GSM phones, you can use this phone with different SIM card provider according to your choice. You have no limitation of GSM sim card at all.

3. Dual Operating System

This fresh phone equipped with dual operating system: Android operating system and Custom Lenovo OS. You can select system as you like. Each interface can bring you great convenience.

4. Support Wi-Fi

Like other China cell phones, this phone also supports Wi-Fi. If there is hot spot, you can surf the internet wirelessly for free. Besides, its full wide touch screen can give you a good sight feeling. Reading news, e-book, and writing email will make you feel this phone worthy. Support various applications

This cheap phone supports various applications. You can enjoy a great many hot fashion applications like MSN, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Facebook, Google Translate and so on. Without carrying a notebook, you can use them it conveniently. It can be said it is your portable PC.

This is really a fresh phone with great functions. If you want to enjoy its powerful features, you can buy it at your old partner Cellphone-China.

Except this cool phone, you can buy some PDA smart phones and new arrivals, etc. Cellphone-China sincerely welcomes new and old customers to buy wholesale unlocked cellphones here at a lowest price.


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At present, it is more and more convenient to shop online, besides, more and more people try to online shopping because of cheaper price. Unlike prepaid phone card, low-priced clothes, if suffered lost, it is not very large, but if drop in a trip of buying phone, you will lose hundreds of money. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare fully before and have ideas of how to handle it.

As a reliable and reputable professional cell phone store, with its high quality cellphone and service, win customers from both home and abroad.

Here, is pleased to give customers some tips of choosing websites when online purchase phones.

Generally speaking, the most places to do online shopping are online websites and C2C websites.

1. Check the price

When you want to buy something (not limit to phones) on some website, you must learn the market information, and compare it both online and offline. If the website price is 10%-20% lower than the market, it is still normal. It is lower than 30%, you need to be very careful.

In addition, you need to see the prices are messy or not, for instance, some are much higher than the market price, but some much lower than the market price or the similar price form much different products. For these situations, you need to be cautious. Because the cheaters are not familiar with the market, they can only set price randomly. You really need to get information of your preferred phone through various ways. Check the contact information

As long as a website without fixed-line telephone, you can delete the site. Moreover, you can check its mobile phone number; you can search its mobile phone registering district online; if the account district is different from website business address, you can regard it as a fraud. And, check the fixed phone if the signal is not stable, or get audio note of cannot contact with the phone frequently which is usually used for mobile phones. You need to take care.
3. Check the website service

You need also pay attention to the review and forum, etc. If a website’s credit is good enough, and have ability to help customers to solve the quality problem of any products, it absolutely has forum or review where customers can raise the doubt, learn services and quality, etc. If it is a fraud website, it won’t have them. Because, if someone was cheated, he or she will post some threads of bad feedback and information, in this way, the website cannot continue to do business. Consumers also can look around some professional cell phone forum to consult other net friends to see if there is some public praise or other information. Usually, the information in these places is relatively reliable.

Besides, it needs to pay attention to the delivery and payment service. Some online sellers support online payment, or provide online bank transfer. These ways is kind of approval for online shop, it means the website is a reputable company. If just providing mail this one method, it indicates the company is small; you need to take into account carefully.

Furthermore, sincerely welcome more and more consumers come to test Cellphone-China. There is a wide range of multifunctional and multi-shaped China mobile phones for your selecting. No matter which one you search, it believes that customers will be highly satisfied with the service and products about Cellphone-China.

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In the nowadays, with the development of ecommerce, more and more people intend to open online store to start their own business to sell cell phones through eBay, dhgate or Amazon, etc.

But where do you obtain the cheap cell phones you sell? China will be a preferred potential market for most retailers. Now, follow to learn the tips to sourse China phones suppliers.

Starting with China

Due to the exchange rate and low cost of production in China, most retailers source their products from Chinese manufacturers.

After you targeting in China market, then you need to know what kind mobile phones you want to sell. Will you focus on one type of cell phones or the full related cell phones? If you know exactly what you want, you will easily look for a directory that lists China manufacturers who make that product and sell them directly. If you are looking to buy a variety of phones, you may do better business dealing with China phones suppliers wholesale.


How to Find Reputable China Suppliers

Although doing business with China is very hot, and there are all kinds of wholesaler and dropshippers, it is very important and necessary to find a trusted China phones supplier online? Besides, lots of online wholesale directories that do not offer the best deals for retailers and some are outright scams. To get a reliable China phones supplier, start with a trusted directory.

One good directory is Alibaba has products from around the world, and you can find plenty of  China mobile phones suppliers in this single location. Check the “Gold” status of suppliers listed in the Alibaba directory to find only the ones who have undergone extensive qualification, authentication, and verification. Avoid trying to source branded goods, such as designer clothing and high end electronics from China; as such sources do not exist in quantity.

But Alibaba is not the unique reliable online directory. You might also want to peruse,, Made-In-China and GlobalSources .


Initiating a Business Relationship

When you find potentially suitable China phones suppliers, contact them and utilise your first interactions to determine if the company is a suitable fit. A sample order is recommended. Through the testing order, you can get information below: Does the company have representatives on staff who can communicate well with you? Are their communications timely? Do they have a great warranty?

Your retail business success depends on the decisions you make. Be sure to conduct your research on China phones suppliers and manufacturers. Set up reliable relationships, and then you will have a solid basis for your continued business success.

Cellphone-China as a Professional Cellphones Online Shop sincerely hopes the above tips will be helpful for fresh retailers. Moreover, Cellphone-China also welcomes the customers from worldwide countries to test its product and service. Cellphone-China will always strive for providing first-class products and service for customers.


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In the nowadays, mobile phones are not only limited to calling and message transceiver, they have gradually become the necessary entertainment tool; especially the universal of smart phones which bring great convenience to users’ working, amusement and daily trip.

However, except traditional use, what are the most popular applications?
How about the feature of these phones? You must be very curious about those smart phones with stylish function. Just follow to have a look.

1. Mobile SNS
Special Offer : USD 169.14

SNS refers to the Social Networking Services. Like on the internet, mobile SNS is also very stylish on mobile phones. It means you can expand your social circle to internet just using a cellphone.
Using this smart mobile phone, its functions can be very conspicuous. Equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, although without a computer, it can bring you great experience of hot Twitter, Facebook, MSN, and Skype. Also its large 3.2 inch screen is very suitable for operation and visual effect. Therefore, the practical applicability is very high.

2. Mobile GPS
USD 174.29

Actually, phones with GPS functions has become very extensive, especially GPS navigation application. Although almost all the smart phones can install GPS software, if it comes without built in GPS chip, it can not carry out navigation function. But you can also track the location through the installed GPS data pack.

Excitedly, this GPS mobile phone comes with internal GPS antenna; you can enjoy GPS function easily. Besides, its sensitive G-sensor and various JAVA applications make it more attractive and useful.

3. Mobile email
USD 94.34

At present, with the popularizing of surfing the net with mobile phone, mobile email has become one of obbligato working methods to commercial men. Just use a mobile phone like this TV mobile phone, you can log in your email, then you can receive and send emails. In addition, some email website provides mobile client-side downloading. After downloading, you can use email faster and more convenient.

4. Mobile game
USD 131.19

With the development of cell phone, mobile game is more and more powerful. Not like simple “Tetris” and “Retro snaker”, current smart phones support built-in scores of Windows mobile for PPC games, users can download thousands of PPC 3D games, JAVA 3D/str, etc, which has a powerful amusement.

5. Mobile Browser
USD 166.80

With the spread of 3G, surfing the net is not the patents of computer. Although mobile phone need mobile browser to surf the net, more and more people use mobile browser to read news to learn the world. If you like reading news to kill boring time in any trips, below Google android phone is a great choice. This equipped Google Android OS phone supports UC browser: Rich web browsing with multiple windows and on-page keyword search. Its 3.2 screen is large enough for your reading.

6. Mobile player
Free Shipping
USD 514.35

These days, mobile phones’ screens are bigger and bigger, therefore, more and more users tend to experience video. Watching movie on the mobile phone need powerful player, but mobile players also need more powerful celluar phones. We believe this ARM Linux 2.6 PDA smart phone is your preferred selection. Its 5.0 inch screen supporting WVGA display, 256K colors, QVGA 800 x 480 pixels resolution which extremely meet your demands to visual effect. Moreover, it can support up to 16GB, you can keep several wonderful movies. If equipped with a compatible car charger, undoubtedly, it is a superexcellent boring time killer.

7. Mobile firewall
USD 97.45

Obviously, phones’ spam message and crank calls make us a serious headache. And the worse situation is that you even don’t know when the spam information will will appear. But if you buy a phone like wifi mobile phone, your digital life will be comfortable. Because, in addition to other cool functions, this phone has an outstanding feature– call firewall.

8. Mobile eBook
USD 106.82

With the appearance of eBook which is different from traditional publications, mobile reading joins cell phones’ big family. More and more people accept this new reading habit. Therefore, selecting a phone with convenient and comfortable reading, the first factor will be large screen. You can have a try of this quad band PDA phone. It comes with a large 3.0 inch screen and JAVA application that is very good for e-reading.

This blog, we just recommend several phones suitable for the top 8 popular applications. These mobile phones not only can fit the most needed hardware, but also very universal in the market.
As for which applications you are interested in? You can just have a try of hunting the suitable mobile phone according to their demand.


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