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In the nowadays, mobile phones are not only limited to calling and message transceiver, they have gradually become the necessary entertainment tool; especially the universal of smart phones which bring great convenience to users’ working, amusement and daily trip.

However, except traditional use, what are the most popular applications?
How about the feature of these phones? You must be very curious about those smart phones with stylish function. Just follow to have a look.

1. Mobile SNS
Special Offer : USD 169.14

SNS refers to the Social Networking Services. Like on the internet, mobile SNS is also very stylish on mobile phones. It means you can expand your social circle to internet just using a cellphone.
Using this smart mobile phone, its functions can be very conspicuous. Equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, although without a computer, it can bring you great experience of hot Twitter, Facebook, MSN, and Skype. Also its large 3.2 inch screen is very suitable for operation and visual effect. Therefore, the practical applicability is very high.

2. Mobile GPS
USD 174.29

Actually, phones with GPS functions has become very extensive, especially GPS navigation application. Although almost all the smart phones can install GPS software, if it comes without built in GPS chip, it can not carry out navigation function. But you can also track the location through the installed GPS data pack.

Excitedly, this GPS mobile phone comes with internal GPS antenna; you can enjoy GPS function easily. Besides, its sensitive G-sensor and various JAVA applications make it more attractive and useful.

3. Mobile email
USD 94.34

At present, with the popularizing of surfing the net with mobile phone, mobile email has become one of obbligato working methods to commercial men. Just use a mobile phone like this TV mobile phone, you can log in your email, then you can receive and send emails. In addition, some email website provides mobile client-side downloading. After downloading, you can use email faster and more convenient.

4. Mobile game
USD 131.19

With the development of cell phone, mobile game is more and more powerful. Not like simple “Tetris” and “Retro snaker”, current smart phones support built-in scores of Windows mobile for PPC games, users can download thousands of PPC 3D games, JAVA 3D/str, etc, which has a powerful amusement.

5. Mobile Browser
USD 166.80

With the spread of 3G, surfing the net is not the patents of computer. Although mobile phone need mobile browser to surf the net, more and more people use mobile browser to read news to learn the world. If you like reading news to kill boring time in any trips, below Google android phone is a great choice. This equipped Google Android OS phone supports UC browser: Rich web browsing with multiple windows and on-page keyword search. Its 3.2 screen is large enough for your reading.

6. Mobile player
Free Shipping
USD 514.35

These days, mobile phones’ screens are bigger and bigger, therefore, more and more users tend to experience video. Watching movie on the mobile phone need powerful player, but mobile players also need more powerful celluar phones. We believe this ARM Linux 2.6 PDA smart phone is your preferred selection. Its 5.0 inch screen supporting WVGA display, 256K colors, QVGA 800 x 480 pixels resolution which extremely meet your demands to visual effect. Moreover, it can support up to 16GB, you can keep several wonderful movies. If equipped with a compatible car charger, undoubtedly, it is a superexcellent boring time killer.

7. Mobile firewall
USD 97.45

Obviously, phones’ spam message and crank calls make us a serious headache. And the worse situation is that you even don’t know when the spam information will will appear. But if you buy a phone like wifi mobile phone, your digital life will be comfortable. Because, in addition to other cool functions, this phone has an outstanding feature– call firewall.

8. Mobile eBook
USD 106.82

With the appearance of eBook which is different from traditional publications, mobile reading joins cell phones’ big family. More and more people accept this new reading habit. Therefore, selecting a phone with convenient and comfortable reading, the first factor will be large screen. You can have a try of this quad band PDA phone. It comes with a large 3.0 inch screen and JAVA application that is very good for e-reading.

This blog, we just recommend several phones suitable for the top 8 popular applications. These mobile phones not only can fit the most needed hardware, but also very universal in the market.
As for which applications you are interested in? You can just have a try of hunting the suitable mobile phone according to their demand.


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