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In the nowadays, with the development of ecommerce, more and more people intend to open online store to start their own business to sell cell phones through eBay, dhgate or Amazon, etc.

But where do you obtain the cheap cell phones you sell? China will be a preferred potential market for most retailers. Now, follow to learn the tips to sourse China phones suppliers.

Starting with China

Due to the exchange rate and low cost of production in China, most retailers source their products from Chinese manufacturers.

After you targeting in China market, then you need to know what kind mobile phones you want to sell. Will you focus on one type of cell phones or the full related cell phones? If you know exactly what you want, you will easily look for a directory that lists China manufacturers who make that product and sell them directly. If you are looking to buy a variety of phones, you may do better business dealing with China phones suppliers wholesale.


How to Find Reputable China Suppliers

Although doing business with China is very hot, and there are all kinds of wholesaler and dropshippers, it is very important and necessary to find a trusted China phones supplier online? Besides, lots of online wholesale directories that do not offer the best deals for retailers and some are outright scams. To get a reliable China phones supplier, start with a trusted directory.

One good directory is Alibaba has products from around the world, and you can find plenty of  China mobile phones suppliers in this single location. Check the “Gold” status of suppliers listed in the Alibaba directory to find only the ones who have undergone extensive qualification, authentication, and verification. Avoid trying to source branded goods, such as designer clothing and high end electronics from China; as such sources do not exist in quantity.

But Alibaba is not the unique reliable online directory. You might also want to peruse,, Made-In-China and GlobalSources .


Initiating a Business Relationship

When you find potentially suitable China phones suppliers, contact them and utilise your first interactions to determine if the company is a suitable fit. A sample order is recommended. Through the testing order, you can get information below: Does the company have representatives on staff who can communicate well with you? Are their communications timely? Do they have a great warranty?

Your retail business success depends on the decisions you make. Be sure to conduct your research on China phones suppliers and manufacturers. Set up reliable relationships, and then you will have a solid basis for your continued business success.

Cellphone-China as a Professional Cellphones Online Shop sincerely hopes the above tips will be helpful for fresh retailers. Moreover, Cellphone-China also welcomes the customers from worldwide countries to test its product and service. Cellphone-China will always strive for providing first-class products and service for customers.


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