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How to Choose Store When Online Buy Cell Phone?

Posted by lanyou1980 on Sep 22, 2010 8:12:43 PM

At present, it is more and more convenient to shop online, besides, more and more people try to online shopping because of cheaper price. Unlike prepaid phone card, low-priced clothes, if suffered lost, it is not very large, but if drop in a trip of buying phone, you will lose hundreds of money. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare fully before and have ideas of how to handle it.

As a reliable and reputable professional cell phone store, with its high quality cellphone and service, win customers from both home and abroad.

Here, is pleased to give customers some tips of choosing websites when online purchase phones.

Generally speaking, the most places to do online shopping are online websites and C2C websites.

1. Check the price

When you want to buy something (not limit to phones) on some website, you must learn the market information, and compare it both online and offline. If the website price is 10%-20% lower than the market, it is still normal. It is lower than 30%, you need to be very careful.

In addition, you need to see the prices are messy or not, for instance, some are much higher than the market price, but some much lower than the market price or the similar price form much different products. For these situations, you need to be cautious. Because the cheaters are not familiar with the market, they can only set price randomly. You really need to get information of your preferred phone through various ways. Check the contact information

As long as a website without fixed-line telephone, you can delete the site. Moreover, you can check its mobile phone number; you can search its mobile phone registering district online; if the account district is different from website business address, you can regard it as a fraud. And, check the fixed phone if the signal is not stable, or get audio note of cannot contact with the phone frequently which is usually used for mobile phones. You need to take care.
3. Check the website service

You need also pay attention to the review and forum, etc. If a website’s credit is good enough, and have ability to help customers to solve the quality problem of any products, it absolutely has forum or review where customers can raise the doubt, learn services and quality, etc. If it is a fraud website, it won’t have them. Because, if someone was cheated, he or she will post some threads of bad feedback and information, in this way, the website cannot continue to do business. Consumers also can look around some professional cell phone forum to consult other net friends to see if there is some public praise or other information. Usually, the information in these places is relatively reliable.

Besides, it needs to pay attention to the delivery and payment service. Some online sellers support online payment, or provide online bank transfer. These ways is kind of approval for online shop, it means the website is a reputable company. If just providing mail this one method, it indicates the company is small; you need to take into account carefully.

Furthermore, sincerely welcome more and more consumers come to test Cellphone-China. There is a wide range of multifunctional and multi-shaped China mobile phones for your selecting. No matter which one you search, it believes that customers will be highly satisfied with the service and products about Cellphone-China.

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