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On Sunday, I completed my 7th half marathon at RnR Chicago.  This was my first Rock n Roll series race and this was a great event.  I also set a new PR by finishing in 2:21.


Over 25,000 runners took part in this race.  Great race, great course, great city!


This first picture was prior to entering corral 18 at 6:00 am.  The race started at 6:30 am and I did not cross the starting line until 7:00am.  What was really neat about this wave start was each and every corral started separately.  When it was time for my corral to start, I was at the front and it felt like you were an elite runner being at the front with no one in front of you.



As I passed the Willis Tower (formerly know as the Sears Tower), the crowds began to increase.  As I arrived at the Art Institute at mile 5, the crowds were really thick as we made our way on to Michigan Avenue.  It was at this point as my wife was able to catch a few pictures as I passed by.



Once I reached Columbus Street and the finish line was in sight, I kicked it in a bit.  I look at the following picture and the word "determined" comes to mind.  My goal was a 2:20 finish but with .4 of a mile remaining as we rounded the Shedd Acquirium, the pace slowed and I knew 2:20 was not going to happen.



After finishing there are photo stops to have your picture taken with your finishers medal.  While getting this taken by ASI, my wife was able to get a good photo.



After finishing the race, I took the time to get one last picture with the Chicago skyline.

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