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Dear Runners...Coach Gary here...


Reminder. Week three performance nutrition workshop is tonight at 6 p.m.


Week Three Nutrition Call  <----- Click Here for the call tonight.


So far the calls have been awesome. Simply the best holistic nutrition protocol ever

been put together for runners and athletes. Steve and I are jumping for joy with

all the good information that Luanne and Gary Null are sharing with you.


Here are some success stories we've heard from runners listening to this program:


  • One runner now has eight days with no diet coke...after years of daily consumption.

  • Another runner decluttered her whole house after the first call.

  • Many people have given up refined sugars cookies, candy, sodas, etc.

  • Others are eating more fruits and vegetables than they ever have.

  • If you have success stories....please email them to Steve or I. They help others

stay motivated. Even little successes mean something.


Now this is what we were shooting for. We want to give you the information so that

you can better nutrition choices for yourself. This about creating a healthy lifestyle

for many years to come.


We've seen far too many runners use training as an excuse for eating unhealthy. Consequently those decisions catch up to them then they quit training altogether.


Let's review some homework that I've been suggesting the last few weeks. How have you been doing?


1. Decluttering. Are you increasing your energy flows by decluttering and cleaning all

areas of your house? If not...start this week. Do it in small chunks. Get some help

whatever it takes. Buy a book on Feng Shui and begin implementing the principles.


2. Eliminating sugars. Sugars is like acid for athletes. And probably the biggest reason

why we a growing obesity crisis in this country. So lead by example for our youth...cut

out the refined sugars. No cookies, no candy, no sodas, no sugary desserts. Switch to

organic fruits instead. Fruit is nature's candy for us. There are so many wonderful

delicious fruits. Visit a farmers week and buy the freshest cherries, peaches, strawberries,

that you can.


3. Begin switching to a primarily vegetarian diet. Now Gary and Luanne recommend

getting rid of the meat altogether. But take your time on this. It won't happen overnight.


But what you can do is begin having eating vegetarian two days a week. That's my

suggestion to you this week. Choose two days...and eat no meat products including

dairy those days. You can do it. It's only two days. Have lots of fruits, vegetables,

good grains. It will be a wonderful little practice for you.


If you are already vegetarian, maybe try eating RAW for two days a week.


Be sure to listen to the Week Two Call call for lots of vegetarian eating suggestions.


4. Practice grounding and meditation. This is a very important part of the program.

For 15-30 minutes every day...practice relaxation/meditation. That could include:

  • Lying down and listening to meditative music.

  • Guided meditation...there's lots of great cds for this.

  • Yoga...easy to learn...visit a beginning yoga class...or get a dvd/book.

  • A long calming bath with epsom soothing music.

  • A walk on the beach or through nature.

  • Prayer/meditation....this is the ideal.


Whew. That's a lot. All of these things will make huge differences in your health.


And as a runner they will compensate for all the impact of this wonderful exercise.


We are training you to be runners for many years to get better and faster

every year...just like Luanne and Gary Null are doing.


It's a lot, I know. You can do it though. We so believe in you.


So take it step by step, talk positive to yourself, be like the ants and the turtles...slow

and deliberately making changes every day of your life.


Week Three Nutrition Call  <----- Click Here for the call tonight at 6 p.m.


Stay true to your journey.


God Bless,


Coach Gary Smith


p.s Here is the website where all the calls are listed...

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Where do I begin a Running Program?


Hey it's Coach Gary. Thought I'd share some questions I've been answering lately.


If you've got a running question send it to



To receive more running tips and coaching please leave your name and email at...




      • Question: Where do I begin!?!?! ***


I have decided that I want to become a runner. I associate it with great legs, butts, and a healthy heart and lungs...which is what I am after! I also remember fondly the exhileration of just taking off and feeling free, fast, and strong when I was a very active tomboy.


Anyways, here are a few things I am going to have to work around:


  • HEAT- I go from alabaster to crimson and simply cannot cool down. Usually a migraine follows from outdoor activity when I get exherted.

  • Poor conditioning and stamina from being a couch tater'

  • Excess weight

  • Not-so-arched feet and a tendency towards shin splints (OUCH!)

  • Haywire "bloodsugar" due to glucose intolerance


I am going to make a trip to the doc soon to get a checkup. I am going to have to start at the VERY bottom and work my way up. I doubt I can run half of a mile now. I'm going to start my research and get going. I'll probably start walking with intervals in which I run and keep increasing the interval periods until I am running. Fortunately, I quit smoking about a year and a half ago.


I have wondered that perhaps I should not run because I don't have a "runner's body"...that long, lean muscled physique.








Congratulations on quitting smoking.


I did that five years ago and know how tough that is.


Regarding running...


Of course you can become a runner. Anyone can.


Your ancestors and mine walked or ran 9-12 miles a day...often with a kid on their back!


So you can do're destined to do it.


I would go buy the ChiRunning book from your local bookstore.


Begin reading about getting a good running FORM.


If you run with a bad form, you can injure yourself especially if you are overweight.


Also that book will teach you about taking things slowly.


A big reason that sooo many don't stay with running is that they do too much too soon...and way too many running programs contribute to this asking you to run 4-6 times a week.


So take it slow. Run 3X a week. Take a running lesson from a ChiRunning or other running form coach (Pose, evolution).


Also you need to set a goal. Doing a 5K in about two months would be a great beginner goal.


Running with the humidity can be a ***** in the summer.


So stay super hydrated with sports drinks and lots of water.


Hang in there...I've lost over 40 pounds in the last five years from running.


Keep moving...the weight will come off with more exercise and a better diet.



To receive more marathon training tips sign up at...






      • Question: Training for 1/2 Running on grass ***


I am new to running,(at 48 yrs) as is never run before. I started running (slowly) in May and in July decided to train for a 1/2 in November. I have just done my longest run ever, 5 miles without stopping, using a training schedule I downloaded from RunnersWorld, on Monday I will try for 6. My question is I have been running on the local golf course as the only place to run is on concrete trails and I am afraid of the associated aches and pains associated with running on concrete, but do I need to train on some concrete before the 1/2? Will it be harder to run the 1/2 on the streets and how do I prepare for that without to much risk of developing problems?




You have a great attitude towards your first race.


Running should be fun...enjoyable...and rejuvenating.


With that in on the grass! It's God's surface.


I train lots of trail runners and when they get on road/concrete they do awesome as their legs are in much better shape than running on hard surfaces alone.


I'd certainly recommend a long run or two on the roads...but generally you should be okay on the grass.


And if you really want to take away the aches and pains from running I'd recommend...


a) Learn a running form (ChiRunning, Pose, or Evolution...I'm biased towards ChiRunning of course). Just learning how to run will help take away soooo many aches associated with bad habits like heel striking.


b) Make sure you have a new pair of shoes.


c.) Don't overtrain. Go slow.


d) Practice yoga. Do this three times a week.


All these things will work wonders. I've coached many people to do their first half marathon or marathon using these ideas.



To improve your running form by learning ChiRunning..visit our workshop page...





      • "New to running - but getting diarrhea on longer runs" ***


"New runner as of March '08; training for half marathon in Sept. working my way up to gaiing more milage on runs. Seems now that I am running 3-4 miles at a time, I have to stop and go to the bathroom. ( #2)I have had to juggle my running locations due to this. What is going on? I have logged my food, eaten, not eaten, drank, not drank, nothing seems to make a difference. Seems like I get a mile or so down the way and whoa, I have to go!


I am seriously thinking of dropping my goal of the marathon if I can't get this in check. I don't run too far from home now, because of this. I certainly can't make 5-6 miles with out a stop, how can I make 13.1?


I am 50, first time runner, and a little overweight, but that is not why I started running, I started to get healthy."


COACH GARY'S ANSWER:After coaching lots of runners over the years...


I agree this is a common problem.


Geez I've had it myself especially after spicy Indian food the night before (not recommended).


Some things certainly can help here...


a). Get more fiber in your diet. Eat raw foods every day especially a salad. Also you might consider taking a fiber supplement like psyllium husk the night before you run.


b.) Stay hydrated. Diaharria can come from dehydration. Drink sports drinks before, during, after your runs. Increase your salt consumption and drink water every hour.


c). Hang in there. This could be a sign of your body expelling toxins also as you lose weight.


d.) Take it easy on the pasta. Not much fiber in that. And it is a cheap carbohydrate that quickly turns to fat.


The most important thing here is...don't quit running!!!


Your body will adjust.



To receive more marathon training tips sign up at...



      • Question about breathing ***


"Is it normal to have a hard time breathing when beginning a running program?"


I'm 32, female, 5'4 & 100 pounds overweight. I want to get myself into shape because I'm looking at joining the military. This would be the most rewarding time of my life if I accomplish this goal! I would have a sense of accomplishment and not to mention the self discipline I will be putting myself through way before basic training! I don't look like I'm 100 pounds overweight. People would never guess. I can beat my teenagers in a short running sprint but I have been afraid of long distance running simply because I have a hard time breathing and I give up. I have never had a consistent running routine. When I'm running I definately don't have the breath to talk to anyone. I'm also too focused on my breathing and I actually get irritated when someone tries to have a conversation with me. Can anyone relate. I know that it will be easier on my body once I shed this weight, but will this be what I can expect until my body adapts? I know I can do this. Help me!


COACH GARY'S ANSWER:Congratulations on your determination to learn long distance running.


It's not easy to learn to run long distances but well well worth it.


And yes, running is probably the best way to lose those pounds.


I've lost a lot of weight myself through running and a better diet.


But it takes time.


Regarding your breathing the number one thing I'd recommend is...SLOW DOWN!


Run as slow as you can 3X a week working up to one hour on the weekends.


Walk a bunch. Enjoy the process of just moving. There is so much more to running that going fast.


It's not about beating your teenage daughters...this is about finding a pace that will work for you.


Also find a beginning YOGA class.


A yoga teacher will teach you about relaxed full yogic breathing.


And this will also help you lose weight also.


I recommend starting with a yoga class 2X a week to start.


You can do this!!! Don't give up.


God Bless,


Coach Gary





If you've some had some success from our coaching tips and programs then please leave us your story.


It will help other runners to stay motivated on this journey to health and fitness.


Just visit the link below.. it only takes a couple of minutes...



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Thousands of runners across the world are learning ChiRunning every year. The ChiRunning book by Danny Dreyer has been the best selling running book for the last three years on



What is ChiRunning? And what is the best way to learn it?


ChiRunning is a running form, system, and philosophy devised by Danny Dreyer. Danny was a longtime ultra marathoner. Ultra marathons are longer than the marathon distance of 26.2 miles with some races as long as 100 miles or more. So ultramarathoners have to very efficient in their running form in order to save energy.


Danny also took interest in Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese movement science based on the observations of how animals move. Animals move from their core and their spine with relaxed arms and legs...the principle of cotton and steel.


So Danny combines his knowledge of ultra marathoning and Tai Chi into a running system he called ChiRunning. He taught thousands of people across America how to run using these principles.


In a recent study of 25,000 runners who have learned ChiRunning, over 90% say it has significantly reduced their running injuries and made running easier.


So how do you best learn ChiRunning? As a three year instructor of ChiRunning personally certified by Danny Dreyer and with over a thousand satisfied clients, I 've observed the best learning strategies used by runners.


1.  Read the ChiRunning Book. 71% of runners surveyed said that they learned ChiRunning in part or whole from the book. Reading the book is important because you will learn the principles behind why ChiRunning works so well for reducing injuries and improving your running form. I recommend reading the book at least three times using a highlighter to mark important sections.


2.  Do the Exercises in the ChiRunning Book. The ChiRunning book is filled with useful and essential exercises for the learning this running form. You must do the exercises...especially in chapter four. Do the exercises every day. That way you will build muscle memory so you begin doing Chi Running automatically.


3.  Buy the ChiRunning DVD. You can buy the DVD off Danny's website at In fact, they have an economical pack where you can buy the book, DVD, and metronome (highly recommended) at a great price. Watching the DVD is important as it gives you a visual image of what ChiRunning should look like. That way you can shoot for that every time you go running.


4.  Go to a ChiRunning Workshop. There are ChiRunning workshops around the United States and now some in other countries. Going to a workshop with a certified instructor is probably the best way to learn ChiRunning. The reason is because  a certified instructor will guide you step by step through all the exercises. You will learn how to do them correctly AND learn the Tai Chi principles behind every exercise. Then you will learn how to do the ChiRunning running form including alignment, posture, lean, mid foot strike, heel lift, and relaxation.


Working with an instructor is a highly efficient and effective way to learn ChiRunning as you get immediate feedback from an instructor so you learn how to do the running form correctly. Sometimes you might be doing something wrong and you just can't see or feel by yourself...that's where a good instructor and teacher can shorten the learning curve.


5.  Practice, Practice, Practice. Once you've learned the basics of ChiRunning through one of the methods above...then you must practice. You should practice ChiRunning every time you go to run. Run slowly at first, that way you can focus on making your running softer and easier without the distractions of speed and heavy breathing.


Take your time, be patient, and you'll learn this running form that is changing the way runners move across the world. Try it out and see if makes a difference the same way it has for thousands of people.


About the Author



Gary Smith is a certified ChiRunning instructor, yoga teacher, and marathon coach. He writes for the Internet, speaks to organizations, and teaches groups of all sizes how to make running an enjoyable part of your life. He can reached through his website at or through his email



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So you're training for a Marathon and find the runs getting longer and longer. You might be experiencing a greater fatigue both during and after the runs. Maybe you 're just sore for days after your long weekend run...even though nothing was hurting on the course.


Or do you just feel a low level of energy the next week. Then from this you might be susceptible to colds, flus, or other simple virus that are attacking your immune system.


All of these symptoms could be from not getting enough antioxidants in your system.


Antioxidants are necessary for athletes as intensive exercise creates high levels of free radicals in your body which can go on to attack your cellular health, internal organs, and can cause chronic inflammation.


From Dr. Keith Scott, medical doctor and keen cyclist, “ The body requires higher than normal levels of antioxidants to cope with the vastly increased quantities of free radicals produced during prolonged, strenuous exercise.”


He further points out the benefits of more fruits and vegetables, “As a result of exercise-induced free radical overload endurance athletes also need to boost their intake of plant-derived antioxidants. A number of clinical studies have shown that taking a wide range of plant-based antioxidants can help to counter free radical damage in endurance athletes. In addition they improve post event recovery and accelerate muscle repair – especially in older athletes.”


Here's five high antioxidant sources that can help your recovery from long runs:


1. Berries. The darker the berry the more antioxidants it will have. Good berries to digest are acai, blueberries, billberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Our ancient ancestors ate a rich diet of berries. You can put berries in your morning smoothy, have some for desert, or just snack on them all day. Frozen are very good to buy also. Blueberries are the king of the crop for antioxidant value. I had only one cold last year and think daily blueberry consumption was a big reason for this.


2. Kale and Spinach. These two dark green vegetables have the highest antioxidant values in the vegetable kingdom. Both are great juiced, stirfried, or steamed and a favorite of


3. Green Teas and other Teas. Green tea has been keeping Asian people living long lives for centuries. Start dropping off the coffee consumption which is high in caffeine and acid and begin replacing with teas. White tea, Roobios, and oolong are all high in antioxidants.


4. Dark Grapes. Lots of new research has been coming out on the health benefits of grapes. But this is nothing that the Mediterranean people have not known for thousands of years. Have a whole bunch of grapes one morning for breakfast and notice how you feel all day.


5. Daily MultiVitamins. After my first ultramarathon, a guy in his sixties who had run four! one hundred mile races that year brought me over to his car to make sure I was taking Vitamin C after the race...of course, I had my own supply but you get the point. Really you should taking a multivitamin rich in antioxidants which is easy to find at any health food store.



Coach Gary Smith is a ChiRunning Specialist. He helps runners of all abilities run softer, easier, and more enjoyably through his Yin approach to fitness. He is offering free 30 minute fitness coaching for a limited time only. You can visit his website at



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