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I'm supposed to be running a marathon in two months.  I type that sentence while sitting on my growing behind as I savor a piece of chocolate.  Hmm.  I've been out running a couple of times, and I've been feeling pretty good, though it's been tough to get motivated, with the weather being on the bone-chilling side for my fragile California-bred body.  I suppose if I can manage to complete a 10 mile run this weekend, I'll feel confident that I can work hard enough over the next two months to turn in a decent time by the first week of March.  Though really, all I seem motivated to do these days is sleep.  I haven't even gotten around to writing more details of our big trip... I promise, commentary and photos are coming.

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I'm spending the next months in San Francisco, NYC, Washington DC, Hawaii, Tahoe, Japan, and Vietnam, and I?ll remember exactly where each incident occurred, thanks to the Sony GPS system. Read about my adventures and get a peek of my experiences.

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