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I had been in New York earlier this week, flying out on my holiday, Monday, so that I could work a full day in the office on Tuesday.  Given that schedule, I decided to come back early on Thursday so that Jeremy and I could watch the Spirit of the Marathon movie.  I am now a huge movie person.  I think I've seen fewer than 20 movies in a theater my whole life (of 36 years come Monday).  I watch most of my movies on airplanes.  Sad but true.



I loved Spirit of the Marathon.  Even though Jeremy and I are both sick, we wanted to go running after the movie.  We didn't, but we wanted to.  The most significant take away for me is purely self-serving.  I am impressed with myself that I can finish a 26.2 mile run with minimal training.  I say that now.  Who knows what will happen come March.  My groin is still injured from crouching through the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam and squatting on the sidewalks to eat.  And my IT bands are not happy.





This is a picture of me entering the tunnels.  As soon as I emerged, I knew this had been a big mistake.  My groin is still suffering.





I really lack flexibility.  If there were a million bazillion dollar bill (my 6-year old nephew's descriptor for so much money that you could afford to live in a house built with LEGO) on the floor, and I could only have it if I could reach it by stretching down without bending my knees, I would remain poor and left to eat on the Streets.  Actually, I enjoyed the food quite a bit; I just didn't care for the tiny stools we had to sit on.



I may have also injured myself in Japan.  Perhaps I shouldn't have demonstrated my delight in vaccuuming.





Do notice that I was wearing the Sony jacket.  Jeremy recently showed his office the pictures from our honeymoon, propting his coworkers to ask whether I work for Sony.



And finally, I perhaps exacerbated some of my pain while partaking in Japan's latest exercise craze.  We visited an area that showcased the newest electronics, including the Wii Fit (we can't wait to get one in the US).  I road on a number of bucking broncos, which is supposed to strengthen your core and your legs.  This would be a lot more funny if you could view the photos like a flip book, but you get the point.

















Provided injuries and illness don't overcome me at the end of February, I'm going to attempt to keep the Spirit of the Marathon alive in Napa - woo hoo!

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