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Group Training Runs

Posted by Run Pitt 80 Sep 9, 2011

If you live in Westmoreland County, please join us for our group traning runs on the Five Star Trail in South Greensburg, PA!!!!  Sponsored by the West Penn Track Club, these group training runs are for everyone!!!  All ages, all abilities, runners, walkers and joggers alike.   Why?  Well, for me, when I have someone to run with an hours run goes by a lot faster, and is much more enjoyable.  Group traning runs can help you learn about pacing, gives you a chance to run further than normal, and  gives you an opportunity to learn from seasoned runners.  Yes, some of us ar doing 8 to 10 miles, but others are doing 4 or 5.   It doesn't matter - the more the merrier!!!!


We meet at the Huff Ave parking area of the Five Star Trail, which is the 2-mile mark.  This gives everyone a chance to start together, go out and back for 4 miles, and then those who wish to run further can continue on in the other direction.    Here is a link to the trail map-|35280|


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