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AAU: Athletic And Underrated?

Posted by KaylaFelty on Apr 15, 2011 12:05:29 PM

Feel like you have a lot to offer a college program?

Here's how to make the most of your summer AAU Tournaments and College Showcases; PAY ATTENTION:


I cannot speak for DI and DII programs, but as for the DIII program I coach at, we tend to keep our focus on rising juniors and seniors.  We usually make contact with juniors but mainly concentrate on seniors.


When we go to a tournament, we are given a recruiting packet with the teams in attendance. MAKE SURE:

  • Your coach has your team roster in this packet. 
  • DIII college coaches MAY speak with you after your final game on the last day of the tournament so don't rush out of the gym if you know a coach is there to see you!


As the summer approaches, I have to decide what my recruiting schedule will be and what tournaments and showcases I will be attending on weekends.  Now, lets think about it... there is literally thousands of tournaments every single weekend all over the country, so how do I choose which ones to attend?


  • First and foremost: I will try to attend a tournament that juniors, now rising seniors, that I have already been looking at last year will be attending. 


  • Next: I will look into attending tournaments that are known to have a good turnout in terms of number of teams, quality of teams, and the efficiency in which the tournament is run.  Typically the best teams will attend tournaments that are very well known and have built up a good reputation over the years.  This gives us the best chance to see a large variety of talent. 


  • Finally, if a student athlete contacts me, sends me her summer schedule and tells me she is interested in my program, I will more than likely work it into my schedule so I can see her play.


Sooooo, I said it once and I'll say it again, BE ASSERTIVE, BE PERSISTANT!  Let coaches know you are interested in their program and they will provide you an opportunity to become part of it (as long as you can compete both on the court and in the classroom at that college).


make the most of every opportunity.  you never know who is watching!

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