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The Recovery Sock - Product Review

Posted by kevin leathers on Mar 4, 2010 6:49:37 AM

Do compression garments work?sox banner-1.jpg

Do you use compression socks?


This is becoming a frequent question from the runners I coach as well as a topic among my workout partners. Compression has gained exposure over the past few years in the endurance community as we see world-class athletes wearing them during and after competition. The women’s marathon world record holder races in them and they are being spotted much more frequently in long distance running and triathlon events.

When the folks at Arcosox sent me a pair of “The Recovery Sock to test I jumped at the chance.


I have used compression socks and calf sleeves for recovery and I am a big believer. I have even begun experimenting with them during longer runs and races. I mainly use them post-workout, when I am going to be seated at work for extended periods, driving for more than an hour or traveling by plane. I will occasionally sleep in them after hard workouts or races.

“The Recovery Sock” has become a part of my regular recovery strategy.

Read more about recovery strategy in Runners Are Dumb.   I firmly believe they improve my recovery time, reduce muscle soreness and improve circulation.


Is compression technology new?

It has been used for years in healthcare to aid patients with circulatory problems or those who are immobile for extended periods.


How does it work?

The garments reduce blood and fluids pooling in your lower legs, increase circulation and reduce swelling. Graduated compression garments, like The Recovery Sock, improve venous blood return to the19138_295062213507_294921743507_4545517_2189874_n.jpg heart which allows for better cardiac output.


Why is the increased circulation important for endurance athletes?

  • Improved oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Reduced lactic acid and other waste products in muscles
  • Proven cramp relief
  • Quicker recovery = improved workouts = better performance


Why do you run in them?

I have done some long runs, a half-marathon and a 50k ultramarathon in compression socks. I have seen a noticeable reduction/ delay in muscle fatigue and calf cramping in addition to better post-race recovery.


But they look silly!

I can’t argue that a pair of knee-high socks takes some getting used to. I also remember when a heart-rate monitor chest strap, a big GPS watch, a hydration pack or an aero bike helmet looked silly. Once everyone realized the value of these performance aids they became mainstream. We can all look silly together! If you cannot get over the fashion-statement associated with compression socks at least wear them for recovery and under your pants when traveling!


Why use “The Recovery Sock”?

My Recovery Socks were in the mailbox when I arrived home after a long trail run. I immediately put them on and they felt great. After a few weeks of use I have several observations:

  • They felt more snug and supportive than the other brands I have worn. I assume this is due to their Patented Graduated Compression design.
  • The socks seemed more durable around the seams.
  • They were just as snug after several washings as when they were new.
  • I have experienced less lower leg soreness.
  • While traveling I notice less of that “dead leg” feeling after a three hour drive.


“The Recovery Sock” is very competitively priced and comes in several colors to meet any fashion needs. I prefer the old-school white or black.sock colors.jpg

You can view the full line and order by clicking here:  THE RECOVERY SOCK



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