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Running Podcasts For Your iPod - Review

Posted by kevin leathers on Mar 12, 2010 7:15:36 AM

Most days when I am running solo I run with my iPod.  I have several playlists for those days when I need just the right musical motivation to help me through a hard, fast run.     ipod_nano.jpg

Mostly though, I listen to podcasts when I run.  I have subscribed to a great list of podcasts on iTunes that automatically update new content.  The majority of my favorites are endurance related.  I get a chance to listen to great “articles” and interviews on a variety of running and triathlon related topics.  Some provide practical training and racing advice and some provide motivation.


What type of podcast (and podcaster) does it take to make my list?

  • Informative, professional content produced on a regular basis.
  • Interviews with interesting people whether they are world-class or middle of the pack. 
  • Podcasters who do not spend the first 10 minutes of the podcast recapping their own training week or yucking it up with inside jokes like a bad “morning-drive radio DJ”. 
  • Podcasters who know how to ask a question and then be quiet.


I highly recommend these podcasts if you are looking for quality endurance-related episodes:


Endurance Planet – Kevin Patrick runs a great website,  EP produces a very professional and informative podcast.  He gets interviews with a wide variety of guests and offers new, fresh content several times a week.  Kevin also seems to understand the types of questions his listeners would ask if we were in the room.   EP offers great company on long runs.


The Competitors – Hosted by two long-time endurance athletes, Bob Babbitt, co-founder of Competitor Magazine and Paul Huddle, a former professional triathlete and co-founder of  They get interviews with top runners, triathletes and cyclists and have great insight into the sport.   Always informative and entertaining.


Pure Fit Radio – Hosted by Chuck Engle, the "Marathon Junkie", and Bart Yasso of Runners World magazine.   I have just recently discovered Pure Fit but I like what I hear so far.  Good interviews with a variety of coaches and athletes.


Running Times Radio – These are short 5 – 10 minute “articles” from the folks at Running Times magazine.


Phedippidations – hosted by Steve Runner.  This one is for the real running nerd as Steve covers running history, marathon training and racing and other distance running topics.  He uses a clever production technique that makes it sound/ feel as if you are headed out the door with him for a run. 


All of these podcasts are FREE and available on iTunes or their respective websites.  If you want to listen to some great interviews, pick up a training tip or a dose of motivation give these a try.


Coach Kevin


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