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The College Football Signing period is only a few weeks away.  Where are you in the process?  If have already verbally committed, congratulations.  If not, you need to pick up the pace.  Over the next several weeks to months, colleges will be "closing their books" on the class of 2009.  If you hope to be playing at the next level in the fall of 2009 here is what I recommend doing:


  • Make a list of your top 15 college choices

  • If you have already made your list, it is time to reevaluate that list

  • Choose your dream schools, realistic schools and fall back schools (Some may overlap)

  • Ask yourself, if I wasn't playing a sport, would I want to go to that school? (Remember, there is an off-season)

  • Find out the situation for your position at those schools

  • Is the starter a senior?

  • What about the back ups?

  • How many people on the roster play your position?

  • Make sure that you have video ready to show them

  • Call the coach (You make the call, not your parents)

  • Keep calling until you get a hold of him/her

  • Prove to that coach that you are a great fit for their program

  • Be assertive and keep in contact (squeaky wheel gets the oil)


We all dream about going to a top ranked athletic program. Maybe you

can go to one, but will you play? Find the college where you can play

for 3-4 years and get a solid education. That positive experience will

last a lifetime.


I wasn't heavily recruited out of high school and I wasn't drafted in

the NFL. However, with some hard work, luck and resolve, I was able to

get a great education and play in the NFL for 9 seasons.


Now get out there and market yourself.  You need to work just as hard off the field as you do on the field if you want to keep playing the sport that you love.


Check out these video clips for more recruiting Tips:


Good Luck!

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