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A running-only (and alliteration-rich) countdown of current happenings in the community...



7. Moderator extraordinaire Dave Vause dropped some knowledge about what to do should you miss your last long run before Marathon race day.


6. Uber-moderator Jay Silvio, meanwhile, shared his sage wisdom on how to choose a running shoe that is right for you


5. Bed-ridden with that nasty bug that has been going around? Challenge yourself to read through the 100+ page (and counting)  iPod debate thread.


4. Speaking of iPods... member delta_90017 is training for a marathon and must find 3+ hours of music. The community was quick to respond with a wide range of suggestions.


3. Bad back like Shaq? Make sure to read this thread, rich with information about recovering from a low back herniated disk. 


2. Curious about how to best control your breathing while pounding the pavement? Mr. Vause maintains that "most of your miles (all, if you're a beginner) should be run at a pace that allows a relaxed conversation."


1. "I do today what you won't, so tomorrow I do what you can't." Check out this and other funny, inspirational and otherwise favorite running t-shirt slogans in this popular thread

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