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Why Blog?

Posted by ActiveAdmin Aug 17, 2007

For starters, it's free and every Active member can easily start a blog in the My Active administration. Simply put, you can say what you want in a casual environment. It's your personal chronicle to invest in your own way. Use your blog to express your latest revelations, anecdotes and musings, post and track your goals, or constructively vent. Your entries will be seeded and shared throughout the community for all to reflect upon. Whether the purpose is educational or fun, it's a great way to bring out the messenger in all of us and archive life experiences and thoughts. Go for it.

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The current notification settings are new in comparison to our old format. If you're lost and wish to adjust the automatic subscription and watch settings associated with your posts, simply visit your My Active page and click "Edit Preferences" on the Actions module (be sure you're logged in). You may update the items listed below.

Always subscribe via email to threads I create:

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Automatically watch blog posts I create:

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