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A mixed bag of goodness to help you through the school- or workweek...


7. The age-old debate about whether men should shave their legs on race day has resumed in our Triathlon Community. An argument is made that leg shaving has several advantages to any athlete besides just looking good and feeling good .


6. Active Sara discovered a gem of a futbol highlight video that fellow staff member Trish describes as the best of Jackie Chan meets the best of soccer skills. Orange slices for everyone!


5. The prolific Gear Junkie penned another excellent review, this time of a new line of Backcountry Backpacks from Kelty. A must-read for any Outdoors enthusiast...


4. Our own Dave Camire caught up with Boston Marathon Director Dave McGillivray at the 2008 Running USA Conference in La Jolla, California. You can check out the informative interview, an Active Video exclusive, right here.


3. The always entertaining members of the Marine Corps Marathon Community have reprised their ode (of sorts) to comedian Jeff Foxworthy with the popular forum thread You know you are training for a marathon when.... A sampling: "When you count the toenails that HAVEN'T fallen off, not the ones that have."


2. Religion, politics...grains? Active Expert Matt Fitzgerald takes a look at what science and common sense say about the place of grains in a healthy diet with his blog post The Straight Dope on Grains.


1. The debate that never ends...uh, continues: With well over 1,500 replies, the iPod Conflict thread is showing no signs of slowing down.

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Map Your Memories. Sony has developed an innovative GPS product to help you organize, manage and enjoy your pictures in a whole new way. We've recruited 24 Sony GPS Brand Ambassadors to see how they put the GPS to work while traveling, participating in events, enjoying the outdoors and more.

Read their blogs and learn more.


eteamz Community Re-Launch Reminder. If you missed last month's newsletter, please read important details about the upcoming Community upgrade.


Visit our New Special Sections                    

Turkey Trot: For most people, Thanksgiving conjures up visions of pumpkin pie, turkey and high school football. But for runners, Thanksgiving morning usually begins with a race.


Marathon Mania: Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a first-time marathoner, this special section is for you. It features training strategies, news and reviews, a marathon community and Active Experts.


Lifestyle Vehicles: Check out featured cars and trucks that enhance the active lifestyle. Topics include best value and luxury vehicles, accessories and industry news.


Favorite Advice and Activities. This month we've created a guide to our best seasonal articles to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the holidays. No matter what your active passion may be, we've got you covered. More

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Message Board Layout Update

Posted by ActiveAdmin Oct 17, 2007

If you haven't noticed, we just updated the Message Board pages on each community channel. You'll see we've highlighted Discussion Topics (which are individual boards for targeted discussions) within each of our community channels. General Discussions display beneath the Discussion Topics module.

  • Click on a Discussion Topic to read threads or make a post on the specific board.

  • To post a General Discussion, simply click the "Start a discussion" link under the Actions module on the main message board page (e.g. view the Triathlon Boards ).


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Subscribe to Community Connection or other eNews Community Re-Launch. eteamz members, you may be wondering what the latest updates are with the community, your user account, etc. The recent login and account changes are just a stepping stone for things to come. This is NOT the "big" re-launch. Please read important details about the upcoming Community upgrade. 


A Piece of Americana. Ahh, good ol' rivalries, alumni and priceless memories. Come get nostalgic in our Homecoming 2007 special section, where you can connect with others as well as access great articles, interviews and the latest high school football news from around the country. Visit!


2007 Ford Ironman World Championship. Starting Saturday, October 13, the world's top triathletes go for glory in beautiful Kona. Come share their experiences in our 2007 IronBlog, featuring live coverage as well as great video, articles, interviews and more. Visit!


Football Power Community Launches. Get involved. Message Boards are now live on (an Community), the best source for ratings, rankings, scores and more.


10 Tips for an Active Lifestyle. We're firm believers that the active lifestyle involves more than just being physically active--it's about being intellectually and socially active too. We compiled a list of 10 tips for being active in all areas of life. Because no matter what stage of life you are in, you should always strive to be the best version of yourself. More

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Reflect. Let us not forget the victims of September 11 at this historic time of year. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families as well as the troops serving overseas.


Suddenly it's (almost) Fall. I just blinked and all of a sudden school is back in session and fall sports are underway. I'm looking forward to seeing the triumphs and challenges. Keep us all updated and post your latest happenings, videos and more in the Community.


Pigskin Power. A new era in football coverage has kicked off. The creators of bring you, the best source for ratings, rankings, scores and more.


eteamz Sites Get Fashionable. We recently partnered with Prep Sportswear which empowers our eteamz website administrators to customize and sell apparel. It is available for FREE - No minimum order - Bulk order discounts available. Look for the Sportswear link on eteamz website menus.


Voice Your Opinion...for Real. We had some bugs with comments last month. We apologize. These have been resolved and you may truly add, reply to and rate comments on all articles and videos. This feature is located at the base of video players and articles.

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Voice your opinion with our new commenting tools. The ability to add a comment is now available on all articles and videos. Look for the or buttons at the bottom of articles or beneath the video players. Comments are threaded, so you can actually have a conversation with other members leaving comments. You can also rate other member's feedback (via cheers and boos).



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Come get involved in our family-friendly movie community. Upload and securely store your media (video, photos and audio) to create, remix and share movies or slideshows anytime, anywhere, right within your browser.

  • It's free

  • Utilize our fantastic movie editor. No need to purchase software or be restricted to your personal computer when editing photos or video footage. We provide convenience and ease. Editing can take place from any computer connected to the Internet. You can crop your uploaded media, add transitions, effects and titles/wording within any part of your movie or slideshow.

  • You can keep any of your uploaded media unpublished and come back to edit at a later time. Uploaded media can be used in multiple movies or slideshows. No need to re-upload. Your media is securely stored.

  • Exposure (be seen!)

  • Comment features create interaction around your video

  • Videos are searchable by keywords, categories and tags

  • Create viral exposure with our share features - Send to Friends and Post Video tools are available on all video players


For more details, review our Active Video Kick Start guide.


Check out the hilarious video below for a good and healthy laugh.


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Do you want to build your reputation and respect as a “guru” in your activities of interest or expertise? If this is you, send us an email and tell us why you're qualified to be a Community Moderator. We'll review ALL email and details will be shared with members we believe will be the right fit.

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