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Home Tutorials convert Aiptek video to Adobe Premiere Pro import Aiptek video

convert Aiptek video to Adobe Premiere Pro import Aiptek video

Aiptek  is making a habit of bringing portable HD recording to some seriously  affordable levels. if you just recorded some video from Aiptek Action,  HD GVS Camcorder, Aiptek A-HD+ Camcorder, Aiptek ISDV2.4 Flash Media  Camcorder, DV5900, Aiptek POCKET or other brands,  you'll face the  biggest problem that the format of the video (HD) .MOV not  importable/working with Adobe Premiere pro. So, what best program to use  to convert Aiptek video to adobe premiere pro?

Aiptek video to adobe premiere pro converter comes handy to easily convert HD MOV Aiptek video to AVI, DV, mpeg-2  that Adobe premiere pro CS4 imports. The conversion speed is fast and  the output quality is excellent.To import Aiptek video to Adobe Premiere  Pro for editing can be a simple yet joyful experience. Aiptek .mov to adobe premiere pro converter will deal with your Aiptek HD MOV, Aiptek MOV, Aiptek video file in a  professional way. All the basic video editing capacity is included like  trim, effect, crop and join. The program allows you export HD Aiptek  video to iPad, Youtube, iPhone, iPod and a variety of other devices.

This Guide is for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, If You Use Apple Mac, Please free download Video Converter for Mac (PowerPC Mac and IntelPC Mac included)

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How to convert and import Aiptek video to Adobe Premiere Pro with Windows ?

Step 1: Download, install and Launch
Aiptek Video Converte



Select the file that you wish to convert, please hit the File button on the top left panel or click Add Video button to select files, batch load is allowed.



Step 3: Output Settings
Profile: Select the target video format from the drop-down list. AVI, MPEG-2, DV is fit for Adobe Premiere Pro.
Output: Specify the output folder the ready-to convert files.
Settings: Set exact video audio parameters in the pop-up window.
Merge into one file: check the option, you will be able to join video files into one file.



Step 4: Start converting Aiptek .mov to AVI, MPEG-2 or mpg format.


Hit Start button to satrt converion.


Convert video files guides


Optional: Edit video-Trim, Crop, Effect


Trim/Clip: Setting the start time and end time for Aiptek video to get your most wanted video clips.
Crop: Drag and drop the dashed-lines around the video to cut out the unwanted black sides.
Apply Effects: Adding vivid effects, like Gray, Emboss, and Old film and adjust brightness, contrast and saturation etc


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