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with the development of society,more and more people have tired of city life and they are eager to experience a different life style,therefore,outdoors has becoming a favorate sport nowdays. As a professional online electronics store wholesaler, always keeps pace with the needs of customers and plan a promote for valued customers,there are some new arriveing items that may give you great help.

1 Bicycle LED Flashlight Fiets Lamp
This bicycle led flashlight fiets lamp is easy wrapping around bicycle.Brand new, low heat generating, no IR or UV radiation.the color is red and it make the bicycle looks beautiful.just think about the favorite scene:when you are away from the city and the bustle,a long-distance cycling may make you feel calm.the light from the LED lamp light the road in the dark of night.Now,brillantstore offer a coupon code:LH0001R for it, use this coupon code, you can save 15% off + Free Shipping.

2 Steel Folding Knife
when you have a outdoor picnic,the steel Folding Knife will help you great,it make you easier to cut wood or other thing.and it will save you from the dangers outside.
the knife's material is 440C stainless steel, Blade has dual thumb stubs.
Handles are aluminum with black G-10 scale,a lanyard hold,S&W medallion inset and a stainless pocket clip. now, coupon code: HT0015 for it, use this, you can save 15% off + Free Shipping.

3 Outdoor Camping Headlamp
maybe you want to hold a activity in night with friends,such as a bicycle competition,climb a small hill.the outdoor camping headlamp will play a important role in this can do anything like you want without your two hands,it will save you energy and help you light the darkness.besides,it make you seems so cool.
there arer three levels of output:1,Fist push into the high light output of porduction.2nd push into the low light output capacity.3rd push produce flash, which can be a warning.this lamp head swivels 90 degrees.led serive lifte: more than 100,000 hours. it is a good products for outdoor.and now, brilliant offer a coupon code: LED0052 for this product.use the coupon code, you can save 15% off + Free Shipping.

4 Spot Bulb
A small party maybe attract the hearts for all friends in the weekend and maybe you can release yourself better and enjoy the joys from the party hold by yourself.friends can talk about the funs outside working and introduce more friends to each other.Spot Bulb is a essential tools for this.Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation.,it could you feel the joy of party full.also coupon code: LED0038 for it, with it, you can also save 15% off+Free Shipping.

This four kinds of new products discount maturity time: 2011-3-8, that is a good change, after 2011-3-8, they are restore the original price. if you want to own one, hurry up please!

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When it comes to portable media players, the MP4 video player allows the user to enjoy the best of both worlds in visual and audio entertainment. In the area of portable multimedia players there are a wide variety of consumer choices available. These devices are so tiny that they fit in the palm of the hand, yet they provide a plethora of audio and video entertainment choices. Whether a consumer wishes to enjoy a favorite song or music video, or would prefer to watch an entire movie or share personal photographs, the MP4 video player presents these and other entertainment options at the touch of a finger. Understanding the features offered by this device and its adaptability to other media files is key to making a wise purchase choice. With the huge volume of products that are available in this growing area of consumer electronic goods, careful research and price comparisons should be the first step before investing in one of these devices.


An China MP4 player plays more than just music. A variety of media files can be played and it is possible to convert MP3 music files into MP4 files, adding to the versatility of the device. The device is both lightweight and relatively simple to use. Developed in the People's Republic of China, the name given to the device has become a catch all term for products that came after the MP3 and serve as a multimedia device. Learning from American companies who had pioneered MP3 technology, industrialists in Southern China decided to enter the marketplace with a whole new product that would play video as well as audio files. The Bible frequently mentions the blessings of music. "The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt him." (Exodus 15:2)


There are many styles and variations of the MP4 video player. Memory storage in these devices can range from just a few hundred megabytes up to as much as four gigabytes or larger.


Many consumers prefer the mp4 video player  to the MP3. The convenient size of these players has added to their popularity. Because of their versatility in the types of media that they play, the demand for these devices has leapt ahead of the MP3, which can only play audio files. The size of the liquid crystal display screens on these players can differ greatly, with the larger models commanding correspondingly higher prices. Another attractive feature is the device's AV/IN and AV/OUT capacity.

An important thing to consider when in the market for an MP4 video player  is the ease of converting files from MP3 players into audio files from the MP4 digital player. The files that are used in the MP3 are audio small files that can also be played on a personal computer


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