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November 2007

Night in Ochanomizu: 11/27

Posted by Nezumiotoko38 Nov 26, 2007

I arrived in Japan on Sunday the 25th of November. It's been a few months since I've been back, and I have been looking forward to good food and catching up with colleagues. I'm still not over jetlag, but I decided it was time for some Yaki-tori and a few cups of good sake. A few colleagues and I went out after work and found a nice little restaurant near the office.


The food was incredibly good and inexpensive, a combination you don't find in Tokyo all that often. My company moved into new offices on the University of Tokyo campus. The cheap eats are probably to attract students with limited spending money. Great times were had by all.




I lived in Japan for 20 years and travel here frequently on business. This was the first time I just wandered the streets taking random pictures.





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Monday being Veteran’s Day, my kids had time off from school. We decided to go to Castle Rock, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s a short drive from where we live, but one you’re up there you feel like you’re miles away from Silicon Valley. Getting a signal with the GPS unit was a bit tricky in the mountains, but I got lots of shots of my kids scrambling on some fairly substantial boulders. My youngest crawled into a cave and got his leg firmly lodged in between two rocks. It was a bit like getting a sofa stuck in the stair well when you’re trying to move. It get's stuck, but you have no idea how. I had to crawl in through the back of the cave entrance and then spend about 5 minutes figuring out how to reposition his leg to get it out of the jam. The poor kid was in tears and I was close to calling the fire department, but we got him un-jammed. No one fell off any big rocks, and the scrapes we walked away with were about what you would expect from a day of scrambling. All in all, a day well spe n t .      

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I went on a short ride with my friend Gary today. Gary’s an editor for Bike Radar magazine. Very cool guy and knows way more about biking than I ever will. I put a small Sony DSC, the U30 (about the size of a large pack of gum) in my bento box along with GPS unit. I had planned on taking some pictures, but we got to talking and the ride was done before I had the chance to pull out the camera. It was just enough to clean out the carburetor, and blow off some steam. There’s nothing like a nice spin in the middle of a beautiful Northern California autumn to reset your mind and spirit. Ahhh…refreshed. Now it’s time for a shower and then I’m back to work.   

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Happy Halloween!!

Posted by Nezumiotoko38 Nov 10, 2007

Halloween started early with the mailman bringing some treats. Unboxed, software loaded into the PC, and batteries charged I was ready to do some photo trick or treating with the kids. Some of my experiements were...less than perfect, but we had fun anyway. Got the GPS tracking working so I can map some upcoming trail runs and international excursions.


Here are some of the Halloween shots!! !Kids by the fire.JPG!

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