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Scrambling at Castle Rock!! 14 Nov. 2007

Posted by Nezumiotoko38 on Nov 14, 2007 8:00:00 PM

Monday being Veteran’s Day, my kids had time off from school. We decided to go to Castle Rock, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s a short drive from where we live, but one you’re up there you feel like you’re miles away from Silicon Valley. Getting a signal with the GPS unit was a bit tricky in the mountains, but I got lots of shots of my kids scrambling on some fairly substantial boulders. My youngest crawled into a cave and got his leg firmly lodged in between two rocks. It was a bit like getting a sofa stuck in the stair well when you’re trying to move. It get's stuck, but you have no idea how. I had to crawl in through the back of the cave entrance and then spend about 5 minutes figuring out how to reposition his leg to get it out of the jam. The poor kid was in tears and I was close to calling the fire department, but we got him un-jammed. No one fell off any big rocks, and the scrapes we walked away with were about what you would expect from a day of scrambling. All in all, a day well spe n t .      

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