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December 2007

Best Sushi in Copenhagen

Posted by Nezumiotoko38 Dec 10, 2007






In my humble opinion, and in the opinion of my sushi loving boss, the best sushi in Copenhagen would have to be the delicacies served up at Selfish. Selfish is primarily a take-out operation, but there is enough space for 6 people...4 at the counter, and two at the window sill. We got the window seats!!


!Happy camper1.JPG! 





We were tired from the trip and decided the last night would be best spent devouring sushi at Selfish. We call on the Master every time we're in Copenhagen. The food, as expected, was wonderful. 






We had a few cups of some very good sake, and a cup of green tea to round it out. All in all, the perfect way to wrap up a successful business trip. When you're in Copenhagen make sure to visit Selfish!!! You do have to call in advance, as there is very little room.


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After Finland my trip took me to Malmo, Sweden. I love Scandinavia!!! Malmo is one of my favorite cities to visit. I love the architecture, and there are a few really good parks to run around. For some reason the GPS tracker thought I was either in Tampere or in Copenhagen, so I took the map image that was closest to Malmo. It's just a taxi or train ride away from Copenhagen. I got some time to wander around and look at the Christmas decorations. Some of it was familiar, some of it was a little different than what I'm used to.







I did my exploring late morning, around 11 a.m., but it was still fairly dark. It rained pretty much non stop except for the one day I was in meetings. I did get a nice run in, but I didn't have a sweat proof pouch for my digital camera, so I left it back at the hotel. The Malmo streets were cobblestone, but surprisingly soft to run on. I was expecting the runs to be a little less comfortable. I enjoyed wandering around the city when I had time.  





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I was 39 when my grandfather died. He lived a life of hard work and taught everyone who knew him the importance of integrity. He left me his wool top coat, which I have had opportunity to wear on my jaunts back to the cold country.


I’m a Minnesotan by birth. Minnesota is a land of harsh extremes; bitter cold in the winter, stifling humidity in the summer. My grandfather’s top coat would suit me well were I still living in the North. I’m now a transplant…one of many, who have migrated to California. I still miss the seasons of Minnesota. Believe it or, it’s actually possible to enjoy the cold. We used to skate all winter long. When we had a good snow we’d grab our sleds and head to a hill. Fun made the winter something to look forward to.




This week I’m in Northern Europe. I started the trip in Finland. I think this is my fourth or fifth visit. The first time I visited Finland I was struck by how similar it looked to Minnesota. It was February, so I was glad to have brought my grandfather’s coat. The thick wool kept me warm and let me enjoy the surroundings without shivering. It’s only November, but Finland is already colder than most people get to experience in their lifetime. It’s dark until close to 9 a.m., and again at around 4 p.m. As I sit on the plane headed for Copenhagen it’s already getting dark outside…it’s 3:50 p.m.


I had meetings in Finland, but I did get the chance to go for a long run this morning. I brought some winter running gear and let the streets guide me. I ended up on a trail that skirted a lake near the city’s edge. It felt great to just run along the water’s edge. There were a few people out walking their dogs, but as far as I could tell, I was the only runner. My travels have worn me down, so I slept early last night. The run, though, was what really brought me back. The air tasted good and clean. It cleared my head and has left me feeling cleansed.


Tampere is littered with red brick buildings. I love the cityscape. The red brick makes me feel like I’m in a different age…one with less technology and technology related distractions. Nokia is based here. A few miles outside of Tampere is the city of Nokia where it all began. Now Nokia employs about 1.5% of the total population, but accounts for a sizeable chunk of the country’s wealth generation. Every time I’m at the airport I run into people that are technology focused. It’s interesting how a technology hub can still make me feel relaxed and removed from it all.


I didn’t get the chance to wander around the city much, as I was only here for little over 48 hours. I’ll be back. On one of my next visits I’ll have to hit a sauna. I may be back in February. That could be my chance. I’ll bring my grandfather’s top coat. It will remind me of him and keep me warm. It will help me channel good thoughts. It will make me feel at home thousands of miles away from home in an environment very different from the one in which I now live. I wonder if I have anything that will remind my own kids or grandkids of me when I am gone. I wonder if they will think of me as someone who worked hard and taught them important lessons about life, like integrity. I hope that I will carry on his legacy and give my descendants something to keep them warm when they are far away and removed from the immediate proximity of their loved ones. Maybe I’ll even get to pass on my grandfather’s top coat.



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