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Best Sushi in Copenhagen

Posted by Nezumiotoko38 on Dec 10, 2007 1:30:28 PM






In my humble opinion, and in the opinion of my sushi loving boss, the best sushi in Copenhagen would have to be the delicacies served up at Selfish. Selfish is primarily a take-out operation, but there is enough space for 6 people...4 at the counter, and two at the window sill. We got the window seats!!


!Happy camper1.JPG! 





We were tired from the trip and decided the last night would be best spent devouring sushi at Selfish. We call on the Master every time we're in Copenhagen. The food, as expected, was wonderful. 






We had a few cups of some very good sake, and a cup of green tea to round it out. All in all, the perfect way to wrap up a successful business trip. When you're in Copenhagen make sure to visit Selfish!!! You do have to call in advance, as there is very little room.


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