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Let's catch up, shall we?

Posted by Carl Gregory on May 20, 2011 11:01:57 PM

Okay time to catch up with me and see what I have been up too lately…


Last time I had a Blog it was because of my need to update hundreds of people on the health of a victim who was injured in a bad crime here in San Diego. Well, since then I can say things are much better now and though they will never be back to “Normal” I think it is safe to say things are as normal as they are going to get for the Schneider’s. I can report they came and stayed with us for a few weeks and we traveled to Australia a few months back and spent time with the them, it was great to see everyone and their beautiful country, I’m ready to move there for sure.


I have been spending plenty of time racing and training. Last year I competed in a 24 Hour Mountain Bike (MTB) Race, and several other local MTB races, doing better than expected. I need to get some speed in the down hill portions but my climbing is strong. I also competed in an indoor triathlon series and have some great times and places to show for. Last year was about gear upgrade and some good solid training, with some races scattered in the mix. I did find out I am allergic to Gluten and since eliminating gluten from my diet completely I have seen my energy levels rise.


This year I found myself being selected as one of 200 amateur athletes being offered sponsored to which I proudly said yes and joined Team Aquaphor for 2011. If you are not familiar with Aquaphor you are missing it. I have used the product for years and was all too happy to help promote it at races and training events. After a long exhausting but exhilarating day of racing, give your skin a big thank you by applying Aquaphor to dry, cracked or irritated spots on your body when you get into bed. Your toes and irritated blisters will love you and be that much more ready to hit the pavement sooner. If you don’t race then use it on those tough dry spots, you will see a huge difference! They have a lip balm, which kicks ***! If you want a sample of Aquaphor let me know.


My race schedule this year is very full; I have several half marathon’s, Oly tri’s along with some endurance races and rides, not forgetting some MTB races along the way. I looked at this year as my exposure year, to get out and compete in countless events, trying to think outside my box a bit more. My desire is to promote my sponsor and make new friends along the way while making contacts and finding more training partners. I might have picked up a new sponsor, 3Bar but have not gotten a confirmation yet. I stumbled across the 3bar and saw it was gluten free so I tried it…the rest is history. 3Bar will be with on training days and race days, it tastes great and is packed with healthy alternatives to the typical energy bar filled with crap that is bad for you. It is the only bar which I could suggest to everyone, whether you race or need a pick me up at 2 in the afternoon, this should be your goto bar! Even if I do not secure sponsorship with them I will still get the word out, the bars are just that damn good and good for you also!


I’m headed to Durango CO in less than a week. The plan is to race a train from Durango to Silverton in what is known as the Iron Horse Classic, a short 50 miles with thousands of feet of climbing in elevations well over 10 thousand feet…who talked me into this? I blame my trusted training and race partner, who is also a great friend Kevin. Kevin sent me a text one night about 11pm saying he just signed up for the Iron Horse and would not be satisfied until I also signed up. I caved to the pressure and signed up for the pain! Did I mention it snowed today in Durango…! The next few days will be about packing everything up and getting the FJ pointed towards Colorado and making the drive. I will be filming my experience over the next couple weeks to give those a behind the scenes look at what happens around large race events, from the evening mixers to the pit stops along the way, stay tuned for some laughs.


After a week in Durango we are then headed over to Moab for what I call a week of MTB clinic…it will go something like this; Breakfast-ride-lunch-ride-dinner-sleep, repeat next day. The idea is to see the best MTB spot in the world and use this time to strengthen our skills for the summer series MTB race held here in San Diego, maybe I will even do the 24 hour race again in the fall?


Thanks for reading and staying connected with me. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter and follow me here. I will post as often as something interesting comes up, and with me that could be often!


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