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Checking in from Durango!

Posted by Carl Gregory on May 26, 2011 9:19:04 PM

Checking in from Durango!


The trip was long, 14 ½ hours long and it was a good safe drive. Other than a navigational error with my co-pilot, causing an hour detour, everything was fine. Dinner was a couple packages of lunchmeat at 80 MPH.


We arrived in Durango at 12:30 San Diego time and unpacked half the FJ before we ran out of energy, besides being a bit cold…42 degrees. I ended the evening with some potato chips and a gluten free beer and feel asleep at 2:15am.


Woke up this morning, cleared the head and had some breakfast. After a quick visit to the LBS (Local bike shop) we drove out on the road to see what the racecourse had in store for us. Over the 50 mile course we have to make two really big climbs with the first having a gradual upward tilt lead in of 15 miles, which then starts a hard climb. When we go to the top of each climb there was snow everywhere and it was cold. The wind was blowing at around 40 MPH and doubts started to enter our minds. The thought entered my mind of surviving being more important than racing.


After checking everything out with the route we headed back to town for a MTB ride. We headed out and did about 15 miles of ridding, with some harder than we wanted climbs. The idea is to get your body familiar with what it feels like to ride hard at this altitude. The biggest thing I noticed was my heart rate jumped up fast and my recovery took longer than expected, something to keep in mind on race day.


Tomorrow one of us is getting up to head out for an early ride to confirm the wardrobe, the other two are looking at a nice hour or so spin in the afternoon when the temps get a bit warmer to keep the legs loose and ready for Saturday morning. Also registration packets need to be picked up and we have a mixer/happy hour party in the evening we have to attend.


Durango is very beautiful with a river running right down one side of town, fly fishing looks to be a good option if I have time. The town is starting to fill up with people and I think there will be waits everywhere within a day or two.


Sorry for some reason the pictures are not loading, I will try and fix this tomorrow.


Total ride miles up to now~15 miles @9000 feet.





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