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Moab and the Rock and Roll Marathon

Posted by Carl Gregory on Jun 8, 2011 8:05:21 AM

Hi Gang!


Busy week or so. So I spent the best part of a week after racing in Durango on my mountain bike zipping through the trails of Moab. We stayed in a private condo again and were not disappointed. The trails were unlike anything I had ridden before and although I might have thought I was a solid rider, Moab humbled me. One of the legendary trails to ride in Moab is called Slickrock and we rode it, all 12 miles. Slickrock is a vast area, which consists of all rock, so the entire ride is done on the rock. The most amazing thing about Slickrock is the amount of traction you can get, the climbs you are able to do are mind-boggling. The views from the Slickrock trail are amazing and offered many views of the Colorado River and Green River. We rode other popular trails while there but had a favorite in Dead Horse Point State Park, which the locals told us is not ridden very often because the other trails are talked about so often. The trail was so much fun and flowed so well we ended up going back and riding it several times, it too had stunning views. Several times we got up in the morning and rode, ate lunch and checked out a national park and rode in the evening, it was all about riding! I did feel I improved some skills on the mountain bike and the time in Moab was well spent getting ready for the MTB race season, but we had to head home. A cool side note; We came across some amazing Petroglyphs and Pictographs that were from 400-4000 years old.


2 days after I got home and still not unpacked I ran in the Rock and Roll1/2 Marathon in San Diego. I had been ridding for several weeks, sometimes twice a day and did zero running leading into the RnR. I knew this going in and was looking for a good time to the 10-mile mark, as this is the typical distance in the triathlons I do. I was very pleased with my race time to 10 miles and then shut it down; I was tired for sure and just cruised in. The hardest part about the RnR was running the 163 freeway, it is at an angle and played havoc on my right foot, which still hurts today. I put Aquaphor all over my feet prior to the Marathon and had no chaffing or blisters, gotta love this stuff. I wore the team kit and promoted Aquaphor pre-race/post-race and got a lot of good feed back and positive comments about the product. I also wore my GoPro and videoed the start of the RnR and was a bit worried the camera covered part of the team logo but found out more people were attracted to the camera first, then noticed and made comments on Team Aquaphor, even during the race people would come up to me and we would chat about it! I ran into a couple people from the team; I met Pam during the expo and Heather as we crossed the finish line.


I have since gotten back on the bike and spun up a few easy miles to get the legs back and felt real good, today I will hit some hills and see if I can not get them feeling even better. After 2 weeks on the bike non-stop I feel I have a good lead in for the race season and want to do a quick build phase over the next couple weeks and then hit the races hard.


I will try to add video later today in between training.


This was the view from the garage at our condo in Moab!




Here is Slickrock, simply follow the painted lines. It was a great view of the La Sale Mountains!





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