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Posted by D Wagner on Jan 7, 2010 4:14:45 PM

I did a 4 mile treadmill run today while watching Spirit of the Marathon for the 12th time! Today went well for me. I had a yogurt for breakfast, veggies and rice for lunch, and a pasta dish for dinner. My legs feel good today. Yesterday's rest helped me out a lot.


I do have to say that the treadmill is getting pretty old....I would much rather be hammering on the roads but with the current weather conditions that would not be very wise.


I am pretty satisfied with my progress this week so far. I have stuck to my plan for eating, drinking, and exercising. I know that not all weeks will go this smoothly for me. Stress at work, home, and the weather are going to be ongoing challenges for me along the way. I just have to remind myself how good it feels to stay on track and push through the negative to achieve my goals.

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