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January 10, 2010

Rest + Long Run

Posted by D Wagner Jan 10, 2010

I took a well deserved day off on Saturday. My hamstring were really sore from the workout on Friday so to be on the safe side I rested. My husband and I went out to a Mexican food restaurant Saturday night and I was proud of my choices. Instead of getting the shrimp fajita I opted for a small shrimp quesadilla. It was less calories and very filling.


Today I woke up and did a 10 mile run on the treadmill. I am thrilled that I actually made it that far on the treadmill! My long runs I definatly prefer to go outdoors but with a high of  only 14 today and the wind blowing significantly I opted for the treadmill. I did walk around a mile but I got in the full 10 miles. I need to get in one more long run before my half on 2/7. My hamstrings are still pretty sore today so I don't know if my long run ultimately hurt me or helped me. I will find out tomorrow...I did some stretching after my run along with "rolling out" my leg muscles to promote blood flow. Nevertheless, I am taking tomorrow as a rest day so my muscles can heal. I can't afford an injury this close to the race. So I have 3 weeks and counting to my race. I will be so excited to get out of the cold weather for a few days!


I hope to finish my half in 2 hours flat. This is 15 minutes faster than my last half which I did in August 09. With the right weather conditions I believe this is doable. Here's hoping for warmer weather so I can actually get outside and run between now and 1/24!


Happy Running!

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