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Posted by D Wagner on Feb 11, 2010 4:13:34 PM

I finished my 2nd Half Marathon in 2:04:57! I really enjoyed the Surf City Half Marathon! The views on the course were breathtaking. I averaged about 9:30 miles. At the 5k point I was doing 9:01 and at the 8.2mile mark I was running 9:10. This is a significant improvement from my last Half Marathon which I finished in 2:15.


I was also pleasantly surprised at how good I felt after the half. I had some stiffness and soreness for 3 days but nothing major at all. I am actually feeling 100% today.


I did struggle more through this half than I did in Chicago. When I started the race I did not get the rush of adrenaline like I usually do. I had some mental struggles throughout the race but was able to get back in my head and press on. I don't know if it was the lack of crowds at certain sections of the course or the fact I was in a different time zone but something felt very different.


All in all it was a great race. I enjoyed the trip as well. My dad and I had a blast! Thanks Dad!


So, now I am trying to enjoy a week of rest. I plan on starting back on my routine on Monday. I will keep my long runs to around 6 miles for the duration of February and most of March and slowly start building up again.


Now I'm one step closer to Chicago 2010!

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