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Oh Running...How I've Missed You!

Posted by D Wagner on Feb 17, 2010 4:39:36 PM

I ran/walked 4 miles yesterday on the treadmill. It felt soooo good! It took me about a mile to get into the run and then I felt really good after that. After I finished the run it was like my head was clearer, I was breathing easier, and my whole attitude changed. It's amazing how much my mental state depends on running. It was like I felt like myself again.


Last week was really hard for me to rest. I felt lazy and just not like myself but I know that is part of the recovery process.


I do have to admit I liked all the attention I received when I came back to work. It was like I was a local celebrity. I couldn't believe how many people were so in awe that I had ran 13.1 miles. I became the popular girl for a few days and I LOVED IT! :-)


As if being treated like a local celebrity wasn't enough to inflate my head, my coworker, Ann, told me that I have inspired her to run her first 5k! She has never ran more than 2 miles in her life and now she is officially in training to run a 5k in May which she asked me to run with her to which I happily accepted. When I took up the sport of running I never in a million years thought that I would actually become a role model for others. It is such an awesome feeling to know that I am having a positive effect on people without even trying. Thanks Ann!


So today I did 50 minutes of strength training. I think this was harder than my run yesterday! I'm glad I did it but it was tough to get through.


So as I slowly get back into things I am reminded daily of the reason why I run. It is not just good for me physically but more importantly it is good for me mentally.


Happy Running!

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