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2 more weeks of good training

Posted by D Wagner May 9, 2010

The week of April 25th I got in 2 strength training days along with a 4 mile run. I ran in the Illinois Marathon 5k that Saturday and my time was 26:41. Not my best but definatley not my worst! For the first 1/2 mile I was unable to get up to my pace with all the zig zagging around the walkers...yes I said the walkers! I'm sorry but common sense would tell you (at least from my perspective) that walkers would start at the BACK of the runners. Hmmmm...apparently I wasn't dealing with very bright people. I was so aggarvated through this race! But, it was cool finishing on the 50 yard line in the U of I stadium! It was also Ann's first race and seeing her face coming into the stadium was priceless. She had such a blast and I am just glad I was there to see it!


The following week I got in a total of 14 miles along with 1 day of strength training. My running for the past few weeks has been difficult. Physcially I have been exhausted and mentally my head has not been in the game. Saturday I went to pick up my training packet from Chicago Endurance Sports. I am super pumped to begin my marathon training program!


Two good weeks of traning and hoping I can continue this trend!


Happy Running!

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