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4 weeks

Posted by D Wagner on May 30, 2010 2:12:41 PM

The week of May 2nd was my last official "maintenance" week before officially beginning marathon training. I got in 1 strength training day along with a total of 14 miles that week. I seemed to still be in a funk that week. I couldn't seem to mentally engage in the runs. I struggled through them all and started to question my love for the sport.


The week of May 9th I found my zen again! I had a great 8 mile run at the State Park, I-podless, and feeling great. My mother-in-law rode her bike as I ran and I had an extra sense of security. I had a smile on my face throughout the whole 8 miles. It was great!!! I got in 1 strength training day and a total of 4 days of running. This week also marked the start of my "official" marathon training. I ran in Chicago Saturday morning with Chicago Endurance Sports which is the group I decided to train with through my marathon. It was a great first experience! I met some great people and look forward to running with them.


The week of May 16th I got in a total of 13.5 miles and 2 days of strength training. It was a great week and I stayed right on track. I completed a 6 mile run with CES and loved every second. There is something magical about running along the Chicago lakefront early on a Saturday morning. I am definatly happy with my decision to join CES!


The week of May 23rd was an OK week of training. I took 3 rest days and got in 1 day of strength training along with a 30 minute EZ run. I ran the Solider Field 10 mile race yesterday and had tons of fun! My official time was 1:37:44 which is a 9:47/min/mile pace. I was more aiming for a 9min pace but I still felt great about my accomplishment. I only stopped to take some fluids and did not stop to walk. It was a really well organized race and I was proud to have my husband and mother-in-law there cheering me on.


I am happy with my progress towards the marathon so far. I have learned so much already. The most important lesson I have learned so far is the value of "The Stick". I have very tight leg muscles that have led to some setbacks throughout my running and I have learned the necessity to not only stretch but also to "roll out" my muscles on a daily basis whether I exercise or not. The Stick has been my lifesaver. If any of you have not tried it and suffer from stiff, tight muscles I highly recommend it!


Happy Running!

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