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D Wagner's Blog

January 2010

Long Run...Begin Taper

Posted by D Wagner Jan 31, 2010

I did an 8 mile run today on the treadmill. It really felt great to sweat today. I woke up feeling quite a bit better today. I still have some head congestion and a runny nose but I am not as tired today as the previous two days. My long run felt great! I did quite a bit of stretching before and afterwards. This is my last "long run" before my half marathon in a week.


This weeks plan is to begin my taper. I plan on going to the gym tomorrow after work, Tuesday I want to get in a 4-miler, and Wednesday I would like to go to the gym. At this point I am ok with taking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday completely off from training. I think 3 days of rest will do me good in my Half Marathon.


I am really optimistic about this Half Marathon. I feel a lot more prepared than I did my last one. It will be great not only to run 13.1 miles but to also see some new scenery and people while doing it. I can't express enough how excited I am getting! 3 days of work then off to sunny California with my best friend in the world.


Happy Running!

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Posted by D Wagner Jan 30, 2010

Wednesday I took as a rest day. No soreness to report.


Thursday I did a 4 mile run on the treadmill with 1 fartlek added in. I felt good but I noticed after my workout that I was a little more tired than normal. I turned in at about 7:30pm that night to get some sleep.


Friday I woke up at 4am and went to the gym. I did a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical and 60 minutes worth of weight training. I felt really good after the workout. I did notice that throughout the day yesterday the tired feeling was coming back. I turned in early again last night to try and get as much rest as possible.


I woke up this morning with some minor sinus issues. I feel a little congested and still a bit tired today. I was planning on doing an 8 miler but I'm thinking I will save that for tomorrow. I really don't have any indication that something major is coming on but quite a few people around me lately have been suffering from sinus infections so I will rest today and drink plenty of fluids and hope for a better day tomorrow.

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Posted by D Wagner Jan 26, 2010

Sunday was a rest day for me. I woke up with some soreness in my hamstrings but nothing else. I feel like I am on the right track and getting pumped for Huntington Beach!


Monday afternoon I went to the gym and did 50 minutes of weight training. No noticeable soreness other than my hamstrings were a little tight and sore from my long run.


Tuesday I did I 4 miler on the treadmill with 2 fartleks at around 7min/mile. Today was the first day I ran in my new shoes (Asics Gel Kayano 16). They are really great shoes! My feet feel well-cushioned and supported. I felt really energized today after my run. I don't know if it's my excitment building or the new shoes or just the fact that I was watching "Spirit of the Marathon" for the 100th time! :-) Anyways this week has started out on a good note for me.


6 days until registration for Chicago 2010!!! Woo Woo!!


Happy Running!

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Weights + 11 miles

Posted by D Wagner Jan 23, 2010

Friday I got in a good 50 minute workout at the gym. This was the first time I have ever been to the gym and did not cardio. This was mainly because most of the machines were full so I concentrated strictly on strength training. I feel like I got in a good workout. I didn't sweat any less that is for sure!


Today I woke up, had a bananna and two pieces of toast and headed out for my 11 miler. It was around 35 degrees with the wind blowing ESE at 12 miles per hour. I made it though! It was good resistance training going into the wind so if it is windy in Huntington Beach (although I hope it is not!) at least I can say that I have trained it in. I finished 11 miles in 1 hr and 56minutes. At this rate, assuming nothing goes wrong between now and race day, I feel like finishing the half marathon in 2 hours is definately doable for me. I always shave quite a few minutes off my training time in my races b/c my adrenaline is pumping and I am well rested.


I really feel a lot more prepared for this half than my previous one I ran. So, the peak of my training is complete and I plan on continuing with my strength training and running for next week. My long run for next weekend I will keep at 8 miles to adjust to my tapering for the half. I cannot believe that in about 2 weeks I will be in California running on the famous Huntington Beach!


Happy Running!

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Posted by D Wagner Jan 20, 2010

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I was feeling under the weather all day and I came home and about 15 minutes into running on the treadmill I became pretty nauseous. I only made it 1.5 miles out of the 4 I was hoping for. I absolutely HATE starting a workout and having to stop for whatever the reason may be. I still haven't figured out what happened. And no I am not pregnant for those who may go there....


So today I was still feeling a bit sick but I toughed out 3 miles on the treadmill. I was advised not to run today by quite a few people but as a runner that is near to impossible to do.


I plan on taking tomorrow off, gym on Friday, and 11 mile run on Saturday. I just hope that whatever is lingering goes away soon. 2 weeks and 3 days until Surf City Half Marathon! Woo Hoo!!! Bring on the sunshine..or so I hope...

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Weights Baby!

Posted by D Wagner Jan 18, 2010

I had a really good workout at the gym today. I did 10 minutes on the Elliptical and 50 minutes of weights. My knee discomfort is gone (at least for now). It felt great to get back to exercising after a lazy weekend. I always enjoy the first workout after a few days of rest. I feel so strong! I know sometimes it can be hard to get back into the swing of things but once you do...if you are anything like you, it will be the best decision!


I have a 4 miler ahead of me tomorrow and I can't wait! I am also looking forward to my 11 miler on Saturday. The weather forecast looks like it will be around 40 degrees and sunny here! Woo Hoo! Half Marathon....I'm coming for you! :-)


To use the phrase from the "Biggest Loser".... "What have YOU done today to make you feel PROUD?"


Happy Running!

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A little knee discomfort

Posted by D Wagner Jan 17, 2010

Thursday I took a rest day. It was one of those days that it was just hard to work up the motivation to run.


Friday I put in 4 miles on the treadmill. I felt good and even added in a few fartleks for some speed training.


The plan for Saturday was to go to the gym and get in a nice workout but seeing as I stayed out until 2am the night before for my friend's birthday party...that didn't happen. So Saturday was yet another rest day for me. I really don't think I left the couch much at all that day.


Sunday was scheduled to be an 8-miler. My left knee is bothering me. Not so much that I am in pain but enough to take the day off from running. It's hard for me not to run today as this is the first "nice" day we have had this year. It is perfect running weather but with my Half Marathon 3 weeks from today I am being very cautious.


So I would have to say that overall this past week did not go as well as the first one. I did log 18 total miles this week compared to 20 last week. I am looking forward to a fresh start next week.

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Weights Day

Posted by D Wagner Jan 13, 2010

I had a nice workout at the gym today. I did about 10 minutes on the Elliptical and 50 minutes of strength training. I felt good after the workout.


I have such high hopes for my running career. I have never believed in myself and what I am capable of more than I do with this. I have dreams of Boston and of someday qualifying for the Olympic trials. My dad qualified for them back in the 70s and there is a big part of my that wants this more than anything. I love running and I feel that it is a hobby for me at this point but at the same time I am very serious about my running and I see some kind of future other than just being the casual weekend warrior.


I may never make it to what I dream of but I will give everything I have to try and make it there. Running has helped me find myself. It is more than just "running" for me. It is what I talk about to everyone, what I think about constantly, and what I dream about at night. If I don't make it to greatness with this sport I will forever love it for what it has taught me and what it has done for my life.

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Long Two Days

Posted by D Wagner Jan 12, 2010

I took Monday as a rest day after my 10miler on Sunday. My legs were a little sore and tight on Monday but loosened up throughout the day. Monday was a rough one at work so it was hard not to work off the stress but I managed through it. My eating was right on target.


Today I woke up at 4am and ran 4 miles on the treadmill. Yes, the treadmill AGAIN! The good news is that we are suppose to have a "heat wave" this week where the temperature will actually above freezing. I can't wait! My hamstrings were tight and sore for the majority of the day today. No other problems to report so far.


I signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle on March 21, 2010. I am very excited for this race. Not only will it be my first (in Chicago) of the season but Deena Kastor will be there. I am hoping to get a picture with her. She is such an incredible athlete and such an inspiration to all women runners!


3 weeks and 2 days until I leave for sunny California. The countdown is officially on!


Happy Running!

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Rest + Long Run

Posted by D Wagner Jan 10, 2010

I took a well deserved day off on Saturday. My hamstring were really sore from the workout on Friday so to be on the safe side I rested. My husband and I went out to a Mexican food restaurant Saturday night and I was proud of my choices. Instead of getting the shrimp fajita I opted for a small shrimp quesadilla. It was less calories and very filling.


Today I woke up and did a 10 mile run on the treadmill. I am thrilled that I actually made it that far on the treadmill! My long runs I definatly prefer to go outdoors but with a high of  only 14 today and the wind blowing significantly I opted for the treadmill. I did walk around a mile but I got in the full 10 miles. I need to get in one more long run before my half on 2/7. My hamstrings are still pretty sore today so I don't know if my long run ultimately hurt me or helped me. I will find out tomorrow...I did some stretching after my run along with "rolling out" my leg muscles to promote blood flow. Nevertheless, I am taking tomorrow as a rest day so my muscles can heal. I can't afford an injury this close to the race. So I have 3 weeks and counting to my race. I will be so excited to get out of the cold weather for a few days!


I hope to finish my half in 2 hours flat. This is 15 minutes faster than my last half which I did in August 09. With the right weather conditions I believe this is doable. Here's hoping for warmer weather so I can actually get outside and run between now and 1/24!


Happy Running!

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I Feel Strong!

Posted by D Wagner Jan 8, 2010

Today I did 15 minutes on the Elliptical and over an hour strength training. Whew! I really felt strong today as I was lifting. My legs felt good along with my arms.


My eating went ok today. I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal with soy milk for breakfast, a veggie sub from Jimmy John's for lunch, and for dinner I had  a chicken sandwich with a side salad from BWW and 3 beers. I decided to treat myself tonight but still keeping somewhat good habits.


I am hoping to get in a long run in this weekend... The highs this weekend are suppose to be in the teens at best so if I do the long run it is going to be on the treadmill... I really hate this time of year...even more so now that I live in the part of the world that feels like the damn tundra in winter!


I guess I'll have to see what the weekend brings.


Happy Running!

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Back to Running

Posted by D Wagner Jan 7, 2010

I did a 4 mile treadmill run today while watching Spirit of the Marathon for the 12th time! Today went well for me. I had a yogurt for breakfast, veggies and rice for lunch, and a pasta dish for dinner. My legs feel good today. Yesterday's rest helped me out a lot.


I do have to say that the treadmill is getting pretty old....I would much rather be hammering on the roads but with the current weather conditions that would not be very wise.


I am pretty satisfied with my progress this week so far. I have stuck to my plan for eating, drinking, and exercising. I know that not all weeks will go this smoothly for me. Stress at work, home, and the weather are going to be ongoing challenges for me along the way. I just have to remind myself how good it feels to stay on track and push through the negative to achieve my goals.

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Posted by D Wagner Jan 6, 2010

Well I took the day off today. I woke up exhausted even after 9 1/2 hours of sleep and both of my knees are a little sore. I'm pretty sure I am getting my hubby's cold. Blah! I don't have a whole lot to report today.


I had a yogurt for breakfast, a Foot Long Veggie Delite for lunch, and homemade chicken fajitas (chicken, red onion, green bell pepper, and low fat wheat tortilla) for dinner. Yum!


I have been in contact with a running coach and have been advised that with my previous injuries she recommends strength training 2x per week and running 3-4 days per week and to rest 1-2 days. I was advised against 2-a-days. So....we'll see how this goes for now.


My last thoughts on this is..."It consumes you but it doesn't...You get this mind set and it's all you think about and you find yourself talking to everyone about it even if they don't want to hear it..." This is a great quote from my favorite movie "Spirit of the Marathon". If you haven't seen this movie and you are a runner I highly recommend it. Rest assured that there will be many more quotes coming in the future!

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Today was a more challenging day than yesterday. I woke up at 4am and ran 4 miles on the treadmill and then again tonight I ran another 2 miles on the treadmill. I have been researching the many varities of running programs and have decided to try out 2-a-days every other week. I may regret this but I feel that it will improve my VO2 capacity.


My left hamstring was a little sore after my run this morning and tonight as I was running on the treadmill I could feel my right calf muscle tighten a bit. I did some stretching and used my marathon stick to "roll out" so hopefully that will take care of it.


I had a bananna and yogurt for breakfast, chicken dinner for lunch, and for dinner I had some left over barbecue chicken pizza.


Overall I feel really good today. No ailments to speak of yet. I'm 32 days out from Surf City Half Marathon. My goal is to get in at LEAST one more long run...I would prefer 2 more..... Weather permitting I plan on getting in an 11 miler this weekend. I have noticed the start of a sore throat which concerns me a bit but I am trying to stay positive and healthy.


Happy running everyone!

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Day One...

Posted by D Wagner Jan 4, 2010

Well I have to say that I'm pretty happy with my first official day of training. I did not make it up at 4am to go to the gym but I did go after work. I did 10 minutes of the Elliptical to get my heart rate elevated followed by 50 minutes of weights. I concentrated on my hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and of course core. My eating was pretty right on today with the exception of a muffin that my coworker brought in for me. I started the day with a yogurt, had a chicken dinner for lunch, and ended the day with homemade chicken barbecue pizza.


I have contacted two running coaches for some help in my endeavors but the first one I contacted no longer lives in the Chicago area and the other just had ankle surgery. Ahhh!!! So I'm still on the hunt for a running coach....


I hope tomorrow goes as well as today did...

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Ok, well tomorrow is the day my eating, drinking, weight training, and running will become fully focused on Chicago 2010. I have my Runner's World training diary, my list of good, nutritious foods to eat to help fuel me and a promise to cut out most of my alcohol consumption (yikes!). I have signed up for Surf City's Half Marathon on February 7. I am up to 10.5 miles on my long run so here's hoping I can stay healthy and injury free until then! This will be my 2nd half marathon. My first was the Chicago's Rock and Roll Half Marathon in August 09. I loved it!


So to my last day of laziness.... I will miss you! :-)

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