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March 22, 2010

Shamrock Shuffle! :-)

Posted by D Wagner Mar 22, 2010

Leading up to the Shamrock Shuffle I got in 3 runs. My first was on Monday (4 miles on the treadmill), 2 mile tempo run on Wednesday and a 3 mile run/walk with Ann at Perry Farm on Thursday. I also got in a 50 minute strength training session on Tuesday.


So...Sunday was the big day. It was overcast most the the day and cold and windy. But I pulled out a 44:31 for 4.97 miles. I had a great time! I even got my picture with the overall winner of the race. I really love running in Chicago and the adrenaline that gets me pumped up.


I did stay after and attended the postrace party which I normally skip. Maggie Speaks was amazing and it was a nice way to unwind after a hard run.


I placed in the top 25% of the runners which motivates me to train a little harder to get up to the top 10%. Overall I had a great race and was very pleased with the day. I am taking today as a rest day to help my muscles/joints heal before I hit the pavement again tomorrow.


Happy Running!

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