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April 5, 2010

Best Week Yet!

Posted by D Wagner Apr 5, 2010

I had a really awesome week last week as far as training goes. I got in a 6 mile long run last Sunday followed by 2 more 4 milers, 2 weight training sessions, and a 10 mile bike ride for cross training. This has been the best week this year for me. I'm hoping I can continue along this track.


Last Wednesday I went for a physical since I will be significantly increasing my training to get ready for the marathon in October. I have mixed feelings around the physical. On the plus side my blood pressure (98/58) pulse rate, and all of my other vitals were great. On the down side the doctor literally spent about 3 minutes checking me out which I was a little disappointed with. It is not that I wanted her to find something wrong but it seemed like she could have spent a little more time checking me out. I just have to have faith that she is the Dr and if she saw or heard something abnormal she would have ordered more tests. 26.2 miles is such an incredible distance that I feel myself getting anxious/nervous already and I really haven't even started training.


I am looking forward to my 5k this coming Saturday with Ann. It will be her 1st 5k and I am going in support of her (and also to see if I can pull out a medal in my age group!). Here's hoping for another great week of training injury free!


Happy Running!

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