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Contoura can't wait

Posted by polynesian_metal Dec 22, 2008

The Contour is fucked

. Its getting a smog check right now which it will fail because the check engine light is on all the time. Why is it on? Well, the clutches are apparently burnt out and to fix it will be a whole new transmission rebuild. Yeah, right. Thats like a $3k mechanic bill. **** that. But still the registration has to be renewed by Xmas Eve otherwise I will have to pay a penalty for late registration which is about the same as a smog check so this is pretty much how it breaks down:

Smog Check Failure will result in a 30 day extension of my current registration.
I have like 30 days to get a new car and hopefully trade in the Contour.
Too bad, she's fucked and I'm attached but I really need a car.
Can't risk getting a ticket driving around a car with no registration.
I don't even think I can get insurance on a car without registration.
Getting a Planned Non-Operation registration would just be dumb.
Hopefully I can get at least 2-3k as a trade in and that could serve as my down.

So I went to the rec center to do a work out while the car is still in the process of failing its smog

. Did the usual prison bar workout and added a new element. Overhead lift lunge. I read about that in Men's Health. I was planning on going back to the beach to do that recent trail and then go to the DMV come home, shop, **** do laundry or some other, but I don't know what the **** I'm really going to do now that it seems like everything is fucked up. The moon must be void of course or something because there is an energy which surrounds me that says, chill, really, really don't push it. Take it at ease.

And my Ipod is fucked up

.  Probably from running that trail in the rain yesterday.  I hope not, and also I wonder if I can find the packaging and the receipt and take that **** back to Target and exchange it for a new one.  Yeah, yesterday I ran in the rain testing out the trail.  I know that old knockoff Adidas hoodie is a piece of **** cos I got thoroughly soaked inside and out.  I really need to find something that breaths yet is waterproof. I'm sure they have the technology for that.  Anyway, yesterday's trail run was more of a mental challenge than a physical one but it was rough, really rough physically.  The elements weren't really that bad and being a Sunday, all the hardcore runners were out there.  And then there was me.  Got off on the wrong foot when 2 extremely tall caucasian young runners nearly barrelled over me on the trail and kept running fast loping like fucking 7 point bucks (gay lovers).  Whatever the ****.  I was really jealous.  Just keep training m8.

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