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Back on the Trail

Posted by polynesian_metal Dec 17, 2008

Back on the trail

.  Woke up feeling crunchy and a little cranky but thought to hit the trail and get back to some serious training.  Didn't really know where to go, so I decided on the Beach.  Drove to Baker and went behind the Battery Chamberlain, up the switchback, cutting through the memorial for service men who have died at sea (men, emphasis, no women are included in the dedication of this monument), over to the Wine Bunker, down that other trail.  At Nauman, the trail was closed for tree removal, so I looped back around the houses there and went down the Cemetery Trail.  Crossing over, up the Ecology Trail, Inspiration Point Overlook, Bay Ridge, Washington, and slip looping back to the road with the Wine Bunker.  Back down the way I came up, but hitting the Batteries on top of the Bluff and down the Sand Ladder.


I didn't strain myself so hard.  Walked when I wanted.  The weather was really perfect, cold and crisp and not windy.  I was exerting myself, but not sweating alot.  I was probably perfectly thermoregulated.  Still, it was kind of a struggle.  I have to really maintain this base and add more.  Have to commit to that hardcore run/cross/run/cross/break routine that I was working earlier.


So after that shopping?  Locked my keys in the car so I'm kind of frustrated and skipping yoga in lieu of food and a nap.

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