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So Rec Center, first thing, early before a run? Yes. Prison Daddy wasn't there or neither was Nate whom I met at the Powerhouse that same day, the last time I worked out at the Rec Center. It was grey in the morning, but by the time I left the rec center it was totally raining. I went down to the Flower Market and bought 5 unbloomed orchids and on the way home I thought to myself, "**** it. I'm not going to the mountain today. I have nothing to prove to nobody."


So after I potted the orchids, I went to 24 Hour Nautilus at the Portrero Center. I printed out a 30 day pass last night when I was trolling the internet for trail running sites. I was taken aback a little that they didn't have locks for the guests and you have to pay for a towel, but the Membership Director, Zan, saw me flummoxed and let me borrow a lock. I'll just say it right here that I would never be a member of a gym that didn't have towels and locks for the guests.


So I took a little tour through the gym by myself, saw where the weights were situated and the lay of the cardio machine and got into my running gear and grabbed a machine in front of a window so as to best pretend that I was outside.


I set the machine for a 51 minute workout on medium intensity and random inclines. I pretty much ran it at 6.2 but would blow it up to 7 and rest and recover to drink water around a 2.6 (these numbers are miles per hour). All told at the end I did just over 5 something miles then wanted to step up the intensity by doing 1 minute sprints. For this I increased the speed for 4 sets: 8.5, 9, 9.5 and 10 (max). The machine takes about 30 seconds to get up to speed and the rest is all out. Then ¥øu get a minute to recover.


While I was working out, I took off my tank top and the manager told me I had to work out with it on, so I tucked it up and pretty much did my routine in what looked like a sports bra.


Well I got that done, but it doesn't come close to the trail. I still don't like the gym, and like nasty food, its a good thing to try it out every now and then to make sure ya still hate it.


But at least at the gym you get to go naked. Went to the co-ed wet area and jumped into the hot tub. Not bad. Then I got hard cruised by this guy who went into the steam room. I gave it a respectable minute then went inside. He had been in there too long, I could tell. I went out and when I came back he was gone. So I found him in the shower, of course, in the very last stall, of course of course, and he showered at me in my direction and I showered right back with all the indifference I could muster. Hot cruisy naked little flirt me!


So out and over, so not impressed by the gym and I went to go get my ID back, but Zan was in a meeting with that dick manager who told me to put my shirt back on and I waited for 15 minutes severely bonking with hunger and on edge cos I still had to finish my Thanksgiving shopping. And then they were surprised that I had a 30 day pass from instead of the usual 7 day pass they dole out to suckers. Zan told me that she would note my account. Its not my fault that they don't understand their own online promos.


So at Safeway, no shopping carts and no cheese cloth. At the dollar store, no cheese cloth, no dolphin wind chimes but a roasting pan for my Macaroni and Cheese and a white cotton tank top that I can cut up into a half shirt (sports bra) the next time I have to work out at that gym. At Walgreens, no cheese cloth and I decided against buying film but I did pick up a bag of chips an Odwalla Bar and a cold Starbucks Coffee in a can. Finally Foodsco to save the day. Cheese cloth. Now we can do the Martha Stewart turkey where you soak the cheese cloth in a stick of butter and a bottle of wine and roast that ***** all day.


I'm having fun!

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